Wijsmuller Acquires Management Contract For Russian Heavy-Lifters

acquires heavylifters

The Dutch heavy-lift specialist Wijsmuller Transport B.V. has signed an exclusive agreement with the Russian Baltic Shipping Company in St. Petersburg for the worldwide commercial management of two heavy-lift vessels, the Stakhanovets Kotov and Stakhanovets Ermolenko. Wijsmuller Transport now operates a fleet of nine semisubmersible heavy-lift vessels. The fleet is composed of five vessels of the Super Servant class, which can lift cargoes up to 13,000 tons, three vessels of the Mighty Servant class with a capacity up to 25,000 tons and the Russian-owned Transshelf which is able to carry 30,000 tons. The newly acquired Stakhanovets Kotov and S t a k h a n o v e t s Ermolenko are smaller and can lift up to 5,500 tons. For years Wijsmuller Transport specialized in the transportation of very heavy constructions like drilling rigs and offshore modules. Now the company is able to extend its services and expand its markets by offering a comprehensive service package, the transportation of cargoes from 30 to 30,000 tons on a worldwide basis.

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