Schichau Seebeckwerft Launches First Of Two Great White Fleet Reefers

Schichau Seebeckwerft AG recently launched the first of two reefer ships it is currently building for Great White Fleet (United Brands/ Chiquita) at its yard in Bremerhaven. The ships are the first of this type being built at the yard of which four have already been built and delivered by Bremer Vulkan AG.

The vessel is 513.6 feet long, 75.5 feet wide and has a draft of about 23 feet when fully loaded. The ship has a 6,300-dwt capacity. Container capacity on deck is 46,43-foot units, or 48, 40-foot units, and cargo hold capacity is 91, 40-foot units. Power for propulsion is provided by one Bremer Vulkan MAN B&W 7L60MC diesel engine with a maximum continuous output of 16,520 bhp. Design speed, when fully loaded, is about 21.35 knots. For further information about the services and facilities of Schichau Seebeckwerft,

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