Marathon Offers Free 32" X 48" Full Color Wall Poster Of Drill Rig

In an unusual gesture by a major industrial manufacturer, Marathon LeTourneau Offshore Company of Houston, Texas, commissioned nationally acclaimed artist David Kimble to paint an "insider's view" of one of the famed Marathon LeTourneau o f f s h o re mobile, self-elevating jackup drilling rigs.

Termed "The Anatomy of a Rig," the painting is a full color "on-site" ocean scene showing the rig with cutaway sections to depict the intricate workings of the complex structure. It was commissioned in order to better reveal the details of an operating offshore jackup drilling rig.

Reproduced in a full-color 32- inch by 48-inch wall poster, the painting shows a Marathon Class 116-C cantilever mobile self-elevating jackup drilling rig just as it would appear at work drilling in an ocean environment.

This first Marathon LeTourneau- developed rig was equipped with 141 feet of leg, and was capable of drilling in 80 feet of water. In contrast, the Marathon Class 116-C cantilever self-elevating jackup rig depicted in the poster is equipped with 410 feet of leg, and is capable of drilling in 300 feet of water. It features vastly improved technology.

The poster details various functioning parts of a working jackup drilling rig, not otherwise seen by a viewer. It includes close-ups of the main deck, the elevating unit structure and its complex electric motors and reduction gears, the spud well, production platform, cantilever function, control centers, crew quarters, and many other diverse functions.

The colorful and unique poster is available at no charge by writing on company or other official letterhead to Roland B. Gray, Department MR, Marathon LeTourneau Offshore Company, Post Office Box 61589, Houston, Texas 77208.

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