Tracor Hydronautics Delivers Part Task Ship-Handling Simulator To Panama Canal Commission

Tracor Hydronautics recently delivered a Part Task Training Aid Marine Simulator to the Panama Canal Commission. The simulator is now located in Balboa, Republic of Panama. It will be used as part of an overall program in the training of pilots for the Panama Canal in ship handling.

The simulator was purchased from Tracor Hydronautics as a result of a competitive procurement based on specifications and requirements developed by the Panama Canal Commission. The system supplied was based on an evolution of a similar system already developed by Tracor.

The Panama Canal Commission Part Task Simulator consists of a student's station and an instructor's station. The student's station includes a 19-inch color CRT display showing a bird's-eye view of own ship and its surroundings; it also includes a graphical CRT display of ship control information. The instructor's station contains duplicates of the student's station displays as well as a ship control console, a CRT terminal to control the simulator and a plotter and printer. The complete system runs on a Micro/PDP 11 computer from the Digital Equipment Corporation. For free literature describing the Tracor Hydronautics system,

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