Free Encyclopedia And Technical Article On Anchoring From SeaTec

A 24-page Anchoring Encyclopedia and a technical article on pipeline anchoring are available free from SeaTec International, Ltd., Houston, Texas.

SeaTec, a worldwide marine contractor, and A.B. Chance Company, a developer and manufacturer of land anchors, recently combined efforts to offer pipeline anchors and anchoring services in North America and the U.K. SeaTec will be the exclusive A.B. Chance representative for offshore installations in this area.

Chance has 60 years of experience in anchor design, fabrication, and installation, including a computerized data base which contains samples from virtually every region in the United States. SeaTec has developed techniques for testing anchor holding power before, during, and after the installation, on land and offshore.

To meet customer requirements for fast supply and special applications, SeaTec has built a pipeline bracket fabrication facility in Houston.

The new association of the companies has resulted in the awarding of three contracts to supply Chance anchors and SeaTec installation equipment and techniques to c o n t r a c t o r s on the Northern Border Pipeline project running from Minnesota to Montana. For free copies of the encyclopedia and article,

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