Brown & Root Announces Corporate Reorganization

A new corporate organization structure for the land, marine and administrative operations of Brown & Root, Inc., Houston, Texas, has been announced by president T. Louis Austin Jr.

Under the reorganization, Brown & Root, Inc. will operate as a holding company, managing its interest in its various subsidiary companies. The various operations of the company will be divided into three separate corporate structures.

Marine operations, both domestic and international, will be performed by Brown & Root International, Inc. (BRINT). B.E. Stallworth presently executive vice president, Marine Operations of Brown & Root, Inc., will serve as president of the new company. North Sea and Middle East operations will continue under existing subsidiary companies. Land-based operations in the United States will be performed through Brown & Root Engineering and Construction, Inc. (BREC), with Jack. T. Gossett serving as president. Currently, he is executive vice president, Land Operations, for Brown & Root Inc. Where possible, land-based international operations will be performed through a Panamanian subsidiary of BREC to be called Brown & Root Engineering & Construction International, Inc. Many of the support services which previously have been provided by Brown & Root, Inc., will be provided in the future by another new subsidiary to be known as Brown & Root Services, Inc.

(BRSI). D.E. Warfield, currently executive vice president, Finance and Administration, Brown & Root, Inc., has been named president. Implementation of this reorganization will be carried out over several months and will require the routine transfer of most officers and employees of the present organization to one of the new companies with some remaining on the staff of Brown & Root, Inc.

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