American Commercial Lines, Inc. Elects Lola Grebe VP

The election of Lola Grebe as a vice president of American Commercial Lines, Inc., Houston, Texas, was announced by E.D. Butcher, company president.

Miss Grebe, with more than 30 years of experience in the treasury and accounting functions of American Commercial Lines, will now have overall responsibility for that phase of the company's operations, according to Mr. Butcher.

Miss Grebe's continuous service with American Commercial Lines and its predecessor companies began in 1945, when she joined the accounting department of Butcher-Arthur, Inc., at Houston. She has been responsible for a wide range of accounting functions since that time.

American Commercial Lines, a principal subsidiary of Texas Gas Transmission Corporation, is the parent organization for the various inland waterways and trucking operations of Texas Gas.

Based in Owensboro, Ky., Texas Gas also has major interests in gas transmission services and oil and gas exploration and production activities.

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