Anthony McAllister Honored By Stevens Tech

Anthony J. McAllister of Mc- Allister Brothers, Inc., the marine towing and transport company, has been awarded the Stevens Honor Award by Stevens Institute of Technology in Hoboken, N.J. The award, which honors his extraordinary business career that spans six decades,


Dravo-Built Towboats For China Get A Lift From Dock Express

Four 6,000-bhp Mississippi River type towboats were loaded aboard the heavy-lift vessel Dock Express 11 (shown above) at the Port of New Orleans recently for transport to the People's Republic of China, it was announced by Warren R. Wheelock, vice president of Dock Express Shipping,

A More Leisurely Pace in Retirement?

Maritime Meanings Davy Jones In nautical mythology, Davy Jones is the spirit of the sea, usually cast in the form of a sea devil. Thus, the bottom of the sea is called Davy Jone's Locker, the final resting place of sunken ships, of articles lost or thrown overboard, and of men buried at sea.

Microbiologically Influenced Corrosion (MIC)

Recently, the use of certain environmental-friendly waxes or "semi-hard coatings", used by barge fabricators to protect the internal void walls and floors of marine double-hulled steel barges from corrosion, have fallen under scrutiny by some barge owners/operators.

Hyundai, MAN B&W Are At Top of Engine Power

Rising Korean aspirations as to market influence and technological standing could alter the established order in an important segment of the engine business. While MAN B&W announced opening contracts for its new L21/31 design as a marine auxiliary,

Sale Of IOT To Southern Natural Resources Closed —Executives Announced

Southern Natural Resources, Inc. of Birmingham, Ala., has completed the purchase of Interstate and Ocean Transport Company of Philadelphia. Interstate and its affiliates own and operate the largest independent fleet of coastal tank barges and tugs in the United States.

Mar Ad's Management Control Over Title XI Vessels

Detailed Federal Policies And Procedures May Be Needed To Better Monitor The Program's Performance The Federal Ship Financing Program was established by Title XI of the Merchant Marine Act of 1936 (Ch. 858, 49 Stat. 1985). To promote the U.S.

CCT Assets Acquired By Crowley Maritime

Crowley Maritime Corporation's recent purchase of assets of Coordinated Caribbean Transport, Inc. (CCT) from International Controls Corporation will "greatly strengthen Crowley's capability to serve its customers and markets," a senior officer of Crowley said.

Crowley Subsidiary TMT Orders 400 Specialized Truck Trailers

Trailer Marine Transport Corporation has recently ordered 400 specialized truck trailers for its expanding- fleet of equipment, according to a recent announcement by Robert G. Homan, senior vice president of the Caribbean Division of Crowley Maritime Corporation.

MarAd Approves Crowley Acquisition Of Delta Steamship Stock For $96 Million

The Maritime Subsidy Board and the Maritime Administrator recently approved applications under which Crowley Maritime International, Inc., a subsidiary of Crowley Maritime Corp., will acquire all stock in Delta Steamship Lines, Inc., from Holiday Inns, Inc.

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