Great Lakes Towing Overhauls Army Tug, Expands Yard Facilities

lakes expands

The Shipyard Division of The Great Lakes Towing Company, Cleveland, Ohio, recently completed the drydocking and overhaul of the U.S. Army Corps of Engineers tug Forney.

The work was completed on schedule and included tank and underwater hull inspection/preservation, using the yard's 250-ton-capacity floating drydock, and topside modifications to the galley, and engine control system.

The company's Shipyard Division has established a reputation for the quality and competitive repair and overhaul of Coast Guard, Corps of Engineers and commercial vessels. Originally established to maintain the company's fleet of 50 tugboats, the shipyard now services all types of vessels. Future work includes the drydocking and repair of the CG's 180-foot cutter Bramble and two sightseeing boats.

The division's facilities will expand with the December 31, 1992 acquisition of the present Merce- East Shipyard site and former G&W Industries facility located on the Cuyahoga River. The new facilities will enable the company to perform topside winter work and to berth larger vessels, including lake carriers, for major steel fabrication work. For additional information about Great Lakes Towing and the services offered by its Shipyard Division,

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