Norshipco Adopts New Corporate Logo

Norfolk Shipbuilding & Drydock C o r p o r a t i o n (Norshipco), Norfolk, Va., has adopted a new corporate logo. The announcement was made by John L. Roper III, president and chief executive officer of Norshipco.

The new logo is circular in design, and depicts a ship in drydock, with sunlight overhead.

This is symbolic of the fact that in Norfolk, the average amount of sunlight is 60 percent of all sunlight available. This is a very favorable climatic condition for shipyard operations.

Below the design is the new name "Norshipco," in italicized lettering, symbolic of a sense of urgency and action. "We hope the use of the new name will help minimize confusion caused by so many shipyards in the Norfolk area having similar names," said Mr. Roper. "We think our new logo well represents the forward thrust our company is taking with its new expansion program." The shipyard is currently expanding its Berkley Plant, with the addition of a new 1,030-footlong pier, now in operation, and a giant steel floating drydock, capable of lifting ships of up to 150,000 deadweight tons, now under construction in Brazil.

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