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56 Maritime Reporter & Engineering News ? DECEMBER 2013 Secure Marine Automation Whether workboat or yacht, for skippers and techni-cally responsible people immediate access to vessel information and functions is elementary. The op- erator-oriented, adaptable user interface on Marex AMC provides a structured and clearly arranged ac-cess to all the information. The monitoring system is classiÞ ed, and thus also suitable for use in commercial shipping and off- shore applications. Every propulsion aggregate, from the generator to the main propulsion machinery, requires a reliable safety system. The Marex AMC (Alarm, Monitor- ing and Control) from Rexroth is a system that fa-cilitates the integration of complex monitoring and control processes. The system is approved by the major classiÞ cation societies ? also as a duty alarm system with an en-gineer call function for unattended engine room Regal Wins Russian OK Regal has won type approval for its RN and RF series marine motors from the Rus-sian River Register, one of the biggest classiÞ cation societies in the world for inland waterway vessels. This complements approvals already granted from the other ship and vessel standard organizations including BV, ABS, LR, DNV and GL. The motors are standard Ro- tor marine motors and cover applications for both lower and upper decks. They are designed to meet the requirements set by all the classiÞ cation bureau around the world and have been used on merchant ships, warships, by coastguards, passenger services, harbor service vessels and private yachts.Jotun Offers New Solution Jotun Hull Performance Solutions (HPS) launched the HPS Newbuilding Solution, which is aimed at yards delivering vessels with eco-design and who want to maximize the energy ef Þ ciency at both speed trial and in operation. The foundation of the HPS Newbuilding solution is SeaQuantum X200, Jotun?s top of the line antifouling with documented low friction properties, designed to maximize initial and lifetime performance. In addition comes three upgrade components with reliable guarantees. The Þ rst component of the HPS Newbuilding Solution is a Smooth Application. Jo- tun?s second component is an Out Þ tting Protection Package which includes a Þ nal coat of the newly developed SeaQuantum X200-S which has superior resistance to slime and fouling. The third and last component is a 60-month high performance guaran-tee with cash back. Ultra Steam Turbine Plants Mitsubishi Heavy Industries Marine Machinery & Engine Co., Ltd. (MHI-MME) received orders from Hyundai Heavy Industries four Ultra Steam Turbine (UST) plants to be installed in four LNG carriers HHI is building for Petroliam Nasional Berhad (PETRONAS). The four UST plants consist of four marine turbines and eight boilers. The adoption of a reheating cycle results in a near 15% improvement in fuel efÞ ciency compared to conventional steam propulsion plants, making MHI USTs more eco- nomical and environmentally compatible. Delta Plasma RotatorMesser Cutting Sys-tems announced its new product launch, the Delta plasma ro-tator, which features new robust compact design, drives, along with a new Messer designed torch hold-er assembly, coupled with its OmniBevel software. The Delta will be featured on the company?s multi-functional Titan III cutting machine. Messer is also promoting two other new products; a Telesis Pinstamp for plate marking, and QR reader program to assist in main-tenance. New ?Energy Demand Forecast System for Ships? Mitsubishi Heavy Industries, Ltd. (MHI) and NEC Corporation will collaborate in the development of an ?Energy Demand Forecast System for Ships? applying NEC?s big data analysis technologies to achieve energy savings during ship navigation. Plans call for MHI to begin marketing the system by March 2015. The new system will project future energy demand based on previously collected data relating to ships? energy consumption, weather pat- terns, ambient air temperature, time of day, etc. Its forecasting technology will use NEC?s ?heteroge- neous mixture learning technologies,? which auto-matically detect massive patterns hidden in big data. Use of the system is designed to enable control of the operating ratios of a ship?s engine and power generators, as well as the number of units to be in operation, based on highly precise energy demand forecasts. LaBorde Launches New Compact Power Unit With many customers experiencing signi Þ cantly reduced pump off times with Laborde Products? Barge Power Units and after success with the previous version of its C1-D1 Power Unit, the company introduces a new and improved version. The new C1-D1 Power Unit, while retaining the marine propulsion, is a more compact, all-mechanical Mitsubi-shi S6B3 engine that delivers the time reducing 429 bhp. ?This new unit is the result of Laborde listening and responding to the customer?s wants and needs,? said Thomas Cash, Laborde Products head of engineering. ?Customers loved the performance of the 429 hp power unit, but it needed to be more compact to retroÞ t on older barge designs, and onto barges operating on the Ohio River due to height restrictions.? New features include bi-fold, side access doors, which allow retaining the doors in close-to-hard-point mount conÞ gurations. A new front mounted radiator sight glass means no more having to climb on top of the unit to check the radiator. The rail-mounted engine support system allows service access to the oil pan, as well as mounting for accessories. The redesigned lifting bracket now allows access to the front of the engine for belt and water pump servicing, while the top of the enclosure easily unbolts for service to the top of the engine. New Products & Technology(Photo: Messer Cutting Systems)MR #12 (50-57).indd 56MR #12 (50-57).indd 5612/6/2013 10:01:12 AM12/6/2013 10:01:12 AM

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