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Read this page in Pdf, Flash or Html5 edition of December 2013 Maritime Reporter Magazine 49?LEGO? FOR PROFESSIONALSDamen Modular Barge If there is one thing that we hear time and again in the maritime world is that the manufacture of boats, ships and maritime structures in general is not as efÞ cient as found in larger, mass market transportation modes because of the unique peculiarities of each different vessel. Damen has long been a proponent of standardized production, a concept which is extended to the ?Nth? degree via the Damen Modular Barge concept. Despite the name, the ?Modular Barge? concept can actually be extended to working vessels, as has been proven with the Modular Multi Cat and the Modular Ferry, both which have been built, sold and are in operation. As a Damen executive best explained the ?Modular Barge? concept, it is sort of like a ?LEGO? for professionals, with common core components that can be transformed into many different types of vessels, ports, quaysides and platforms. Standing strong with the Damen philosophy, it is designed to provide maritime solutions where perhaps before a solution was not readily evident or even possible. It is designed to work particularly well in land-locked areas, as the components are designed to ship easily, even on truck, to be unloaded, assembled and put to work for any number of traditional maritime or non-traditional uses (from the concept a workboat, helicopter platform, oil spill response vessel or rock band stage can evolve.) In examining the concept, here are a few of the salient points that stand-out?? Damen Link is multiple usable (to be used for non-standard modules), ? 100% Þ xed coupling (no clearance), ? Modules are according to the ISO container dimensions (certi Þ ed as normal container, handling and stackable), transport costs are relatively low, ? All module sides are ß ush,? Epoxy paint system at outside and inside (no sharp edges), ? Simple mounting system from the outside (no divers, nobody inside the modules), no heavy weights, ? Damen Link system is adjustable (class demand), ? LRS appraisal certi Þ cate,? Simple to be dismantled (on site), too, ? Coupling and dismantling can be done in water on site, ? And last, but certainly not least, it is suitable for local module construction. MR #12 (42-49).indd 49MR #12 (42-49).indd 4912/9/2013 12:06:21 PM12/9/2013 12:06:21 PM

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