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With a 17,200-ton floating drydock (shown able to undertake a wide range of in-plant above), three marine railways and a full ship repair jobs for ships up to 800 feet, array of ship and pier facilities, Colonna's is

Repair Contract For Third 'Knox'

Class Ship In Seven Months

Colonna's Shipyard, Norfolk, Va., Pharris (FF-1094). This is the third has been awarded a $3-million con- "Knox" Class ship to be awarded to tract for repairs to the frigate USS Colonna's in the past seven months for similar repairs.

The contract calls for drydocking hull repairs, sandblasting and coat- ing, boiler repairs, electronics and weapons repair, CHT modifications to the fin stabilizers and miscella- neous deck machinery repairs.

During the past 12 months Colon- na's Shipyard has performed a wide variety of drydock and topside re- pairs on commercial vessels (large and small), and ships for MarAd,

USCG, and the U.S. Navy. The ves- sel types range from deck, fuel, hop- per and crane barges, cargo ships, tankers destroyers and frigates.

Colonna's Shipyard is located on the Eastern Branch of the Elizabeth

River in Norfolk, Va. Founded in 1875, it is one of the oldest private family-owned full-service shipyards in the U.S. The yard provides ship repairs for commercial and govern- ment vessels up to 800 feet. Plant facilities include a 17,200-ton steel floating drydock, three marine rail- ways and complete shop and pier facilities.

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Unitor, Rochem To Merge

Chemical Operations

The recently announced agree- ment concerning Unitor's intention to acquire the Swiss-based Rochem

Group represents a significant de- velopment in the marine supply in- dustry. Unitor, headquartered in

Oslo and one of the world's largest suppliers of products and services for repair and maintenance on board ships, announced that it had agreed to acquire Rochem, a world- wide supplier of marine chemicals and related services.

As of July 1, 1989, Rochem will join Unitor Ships Service AS as a wholly owned company. It is the intention of both organizations to merge operations in areas where sig- nificant benefits can be obtained with economic advantage antici- pated in logistics combined with in- creasing effectiveness in service and expertise.

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