Alfa-Laval's Nirex Distiller And New Ice Marine Are Ideally Suited For Trawlers & Variety Of Small Vessels

—Literature A v a i l a b l e— Alfa-Laval, Inc. of Ft. Lee, N.J., recently announced the introduction of a new Nirex ice machine for trawlers and fishing vessels, and a new Nirex freshwater distiller designed to meet the needs of small vessels.

Designated the FWI Series, the Nirex ice machines are ideally suited for preserving and transporting fish over long distances. The freshwater ice produced will not freeze the fish flesh, but instead will maintain the fish at the correct temperature to insure the best quality.

The machines are compact and come fully equipped with electric motors, control panel, instruments, safety devices and complete internal piping. They produce flake ice at an ideal temperature of 23° F. The ice fills all cavities and completely surrounds the fish, keeping it wet and cool, without freezing.

Several models are available covering capacities from 0.350 up to 10 tons/day.

The new Nirex freshwater distiller, designated the JWSP-16-C40, is ideally suited for use on fishing vessels, workboats, supply boats and offshore rigs with small engines. It is designed to be easily connected to the diesel engine jacket water system and utilize the BTU's available in the JW system as the heat source.

Steam can also be used if available.

The JWSP-16-C40 has a capacity range of 100 to 1,850 gpd, depending on the heating medium and cooling water temperatures. Distillers can be dimensioned to suit any jacket water temperature from 131-194° F and any seawater temperature required.

The quantity of fresh water produced can be altered within each size by varying the number of plates in the heat exchanger assemblies.

Weighing no more than 400 pounds, the JWSP-16-C40 can easily be dismantled, allowing subassemblies to be hand-carried by two persons into the engine room without making alterations in the room.

The unit can be quickly reassembled— just bolt it together, hook it up to water and electrical lines, and start it up with the push of a button.

It can be either deck, bulkhead or overhead mounted.

The distiller is designed to operate automatically under varying operating and weather conditions without any effects on salinity of the fresh water produced.

Like all Alfa-Laval Nirex distillers, the JWSP-16-C series features titanium plate heat exchangers that eliminate corrosion problems and allow for increasing capacity simply by installing additional plates in both the condenser and evaporator.

To further eliminate corrosion, the distiller cover is pressed from stainless steel. After cleaning, normally required only once per year, the Nirex distiller delivers 100 percent capacity. The "C" in the designation refers to the combined condenser cooling and ejector water system, a key feature of the JWSP- 16-C40. This combined system lowers installation costs and increases reliability of the distiller.

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