Nor-Shipping '85

Shipping and Maritime Offshore Exhibition & Conference 6 - 1 0 May 1985 Nor-Shipping '85, the tenth in this series of compact, high-quality shipping exhibitions and conferences, will be held May 6-10 at the Sjolyst Exhibition Centre in Oslo.

Since its inception in 1965, Nor- Shipping has been one of the leading exhibitions in the world within the international maritime sector.

Organized by The Norwegian Fair Organization (Norges Varemesse), the Oslo event has until now concentrated on the traditional shipbuilding and shipping sectors. This year Nor-Shipping will have a significant new appearance, as for the first time the exhibition as well as the conference will focus on the total maritime transport aspect, including offshore-related activities.

This was made possible by incorporating another Norwegian exhibition and conference, Offshore Supply, as part of Nor-Shipping. Organized by Selvig Publishing, Offshore Supply had been held several times previously at Sandvika, near Oslo.

Nor-Shipping has now adopted a new subtitle —International Shipping & Maritime Offshore Exhibition and Conference.

By incorporating offshore into the traditional maritime environment at Nor-Shipping, the organizers have followed the pattern drawn up by the Norwegian Shipowners' Association, as well as a strong trend that commenced in the early 1970s when Scandinavian shipowning companies became heavily involved in the North Sea continental shelf activities.

Norges Varemesse and Selvig Publishing have agreed upon a common future presentation, with Offshore Supply included in Nor-Shipping.

This is considered the best total presentation of marine activities, and totally in step with the wishes of exhibitors and visitors alike.

The Exhibition Visitors to Nor-Shipping '85 will find a broad range of exhibitors related to the international shipping, shipbuilding, and maritime offshore environment. These will include financial institutions, classification societies, harbor and canal authorities, marine underwriters, shipping and export organizations, shipbrokers, shipbuilding and ship repair companies, ships' gear suppliers, suppliers of stores and bunkers, mobile oil rigs, drilling ships, accommodation platforms, offshore service vessels, heavy-lift vessels, research and pipe-laying craft, and all specialized equipment required aboard these vessels, as well as transport companies and others dealing with or connected to the shipping industry and maritime offshore activities.

At Nor-Shipping '83, nearly 700 manufacturers and other organizations were represented at the exhibition, which was visited by some 8,500 professionals from 44 countries.

This Oslo show is not open to the general public, which accounts for the high quality of its attendance.

Nor-Shipping is well covered by the maritime press, nationally as well as internationally. Approximately 150 editors and journalists from all over the world were registered at the 1983 event.

The Conference As in previous years, a Conference will take place concurrent with the Exhibition, during the period May 7-9. The fact that Nor-Shipping '85 is going to include maritime offshore activities for the first time indicates that related topics will also be found on the Conference Program.

Chairman of the Nor-Shipping '85 Conference Committee is Jan- Erik Dyvi, Norwegian shipowner well known for his innovations within the offshore sector as well as in shipping. This year the Conference has been extended from two to three days. Tuesday, May 7 is a Technical Day with emphasis on various improvements in ship technology and their impact on operating profit.

The first session on Wednesday, May 8 will be devoted to present and future prospects of the maritime offshore market, followed by a view on business possibilities as a spin-off effect from offshore activities.

The next session on Wednesday will be a discussion of the topic.

"The Statfjord Gas Terminal—a new North Sea LPG Plant—Markets and Transportation." Thursday, May 9 will open with the main theme, "Is it Possible to Lessen the Burden of the Shipping Crisis by Other Means than Scrapping?" The second and last session on Thursday has been given the general heading, "Crises and Reforms in International Economic and Monetary Systems." Speakers at all sessions will be leading international experts in their fields, from all over the world.

The organizer of Nor-Shipping, Norges Varemesse, is a foundation organized by Norwegian industry and trade, and since 1920 has been actively engaged in extensive exhibition activities in Norway. The Norwegian Shipowners' Association and The Export Council of Norway are also closely involved in the Nor- Shipping exhibitions. The marketing of Nor-Shipping '85 is being executed in cooperation with K/S Selvig Publishing A/S.

CONFERENCE PROGRAM Tuesday, May 7, 1985 Section I TECHNICAL DAY Chariman: Erik Heirung, Director, IKO Maritime A/S, Oslo, Norway.

8:30-9:00 a.m.—Registration.

9:00-9:05—Opening of the Conference by Jan-Erik Dyvi, Shipowner, Chairman of the Conference Committee.

9:05-9:10—Introduction by the Chairman of The Section.

9:10-9:40—"Where is the Limit to the Efficiency of Diesel Engines," by Anders Ostergaard, Mechanical Engineer, M.Sc., Chairman, International Power Engineering A/S, Copenhagen, Denmark.

9:40-10:00—Forum discussion.

10:00-10:20—"How to Reduce Ships Resistance?"—"Hull Forms," by A. Jonk, Head Project Department Ship Powering Division, Wageningen, the Netherlands; Co-author: Jan van de Beek, Deputy Head Handling Ship Powering, Wageningen, the Netherlands.

10:20-10:40—"Hull Forms," by E. Vossnack, Naval Architect Nedlloyd Fleet Services, Rotterdam, the Netherlands.

10:40-11:00—Coffee break.

11:00-11:20—"Choice of Propeller," by Kjell Holden, Civil Engineer, Norwegian Hydrodynamic Laboratories, Trondheim, Norway.

11:00-12:00—Forum discussion and summary by the chairman.

12:00-1:30 p.m.—Lunch.

1:30-2:00—"The Use of Computers in Design and Production of Ship Hulls," by Cato F. Sverdrup, Managing Director, Burmeister & Wain Skibvaerft A/S, Copenhagen, Denmark.

2:00-2:20—"Running, Maintenance and Crewing of Ships," by Charles R. Cushing, President, C.R. Cushing & Co. Inc., New York, N.Y.

and 2:20-2:40—Otto H. Fritzner, Technical Director, L. Gill Johannessen & Co., Oslo, Norway.

2:40-3:00—Coffee break.

3:00-3:20—The project "Ships of the Future" ("Schiff der Zukunft"), by Uwe Fuchs, Captain/ Marine Superintendent, Vergand Deutsche Reeder, Hamburg, West Germany.

3:20-3:50—"What can Shipowners do to Protect Themselves Against Harm From Poor Fuel?" by Kjell Haugland, General Manager, Veritas Petroleum Services, Oslo, Norway.

3:50-4:50—Forum discussion and summary by the chairman.

Wednesday, May 8, 1985 Section II OFFSHORE ACTIVITIES —CHALLENGES AND POSSIBILITIES Chairman: Egil Gade Greve, President and Chief Executive Officer, Bergen Bank A/S, Bergen, Norway.

8:30-9:00 a.m.—Registration, 9:00-9:10—Introduction by the Chairman.

9:10-10:10—"The Norwegian Fleet of Mobile Offshore Drilling And Service Units—What can They Offer?" by Peter T. Smedvig, Chairman, Peder Smedvig Aksjeselskap, Stavanger, Norway.

Forum discussion.

10:10-10:30—Coffee break.

1 0 : 3 0 - 1 1 : 3 0 — " T h e Global Market Outlook for Mobile Drilling and Service Vessels," by Ole-Jacob Kvinnsland, President, Noroil Group, Stavanger, Norway.

Forum discussion.

11:30-12:45—"New Business Opportunities as a Spin-Off From the Search for Oil and Gas in the Northern Seas," by Arild Rodland, State Secretary, Norwegian Ministry of Petroleum and Energy, Oslo, Norway.

Forum discussion 12:45 p.m.—Lunch.


1:45-4:00—Panel Discussion— The above topic will be discussed between the following persons: Chairman: Eivald M. Q. Roren, Executive Vice President, Det norske Veritas, Oslo, Norway; Jacob Oxnevad, Executive Vice President, Statoil, Stavanger, Norway, Representing the Producer; Nils E. Breivik, Vice President, Trammo Gas & Petrochemicals Ltd., London, England, Representing the Trader; Th. H. Walthie, Director Feedstock Supply, Dow Chemical Europe SA., Horgen, Switzerland, representing the Buyer.

2:30-2:50—Coffee break.


Chairman: David Vikoren, Director General, The Norwegian Shipowners' Association, Norway.

8:30-9:00 a.m.—Registration.

9:00-9:10—Introduction by the Chairman.

9:10-9:40—"Will an Improvement in World Economy Solve the Shipping Crisis?" by Victor D.

Norman, Professor, The National Norwegian School of Economics and Business Administration, Bergen, Norway.

9:40-10:10—"Yesterday's Ships for the Needs of Tomorrow—is Upgrading or Conversion a Better Solution than Newbuilding?" by H.B.

Moller Pedersen, Technical Manager, The East India Co. Ltd., Copenhagen, Denmark.

10:10-10:30—Coffee break.

10:30-11:00—"Why not Arrange the Same Finance Conditions for Suitable Secondhand Tonnage as for Newbuildings?" by Olaf Peters, Member of the Board, Management Schiffshypothekenbank zu Lubeck AG, Kiel, West Germany.

11:00-11:30—" C r e a t i n g Increased Seaborne Trade by Better T r a n s p o r t a t i o n Methods" by Clyde L. Jacobs, Vice President and General Manager, Seaboard Shipping Co. Ltd., Vancouver, Canada.

11:30-12:15 p.m.—Discussion and summary by the Chairman.


Section V ECONOMIC AND MONETARY COOPERATION —A CHALLENGE FOR GROWTH AND STABILITY Chairman: Leif T. Loddesol, President and Chief Executive Officer, Den Norske Creditbank, Oslo, Norway.

12:45-1:15 p.m.—Registration.

1:15-1:30—Introduction by the Chairman.

1:30-2:15—Prepared Papers to be Introduced by Wilfred Guth, Member of the Board of Managing Directors, Deutsche Bank AG, Frankfurt/Main, West Germany; Henry C. Wallich, Member, Board of Governors, Federal Reserve System, Washington, D.C.; David G. Scholey, CBE, Joint Chairman, S.G. Warburg & Co.

Ltd., London, England; and Hermod Skanland, Deputy Governor Bank of Norway, Oslo.

2:15-2:45—Coffee break.

2:45-3:45—Panel discussion.

3:45-4:00—Summary by the Chairman.

4:00-4:10—Closing of the Conference by Jan-Erik Dyvi, Shipowner, Chairman of the Conference Committee.

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