New Busiship™ System Brochure Available From Nav-Com

A new computerized ship management information system has been developed by Nav-Com, Inc., of Deer Park, N.Y. This system, Busiship™, is the first integrated package that combines fully marinized computer hardware with a wide variety of software packages designed specifically for marine applications.

The Busiship™ ship management information system is designed to improve ship/office coordination, help implement effective decision making, reduce time spent on routine paperwork and record keeping, and provide the flexibility to grow with business needs.

The basic workstation is a specially marinized IBM-PC/XT microcomputer, complete with necessary storage media, video monitor, communications modem and printer.

The proprietary software is easy to use, with simple menu-driven commands so that even non-technical personnel can rapidly become familiar with system operation.

Basic Busiship™ system software includes an extremely broad range of programs, all of which are instantly selectable right on screen from the master menu. Available software packages include electronic mail, text preparation, forms and report preparation, database access, telephone directory, strength and stability program, cargo loading, inventory control, personnel management, payroll, and others.

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