The "Ultimate" Compact SSB

Raytheon Marine Company's new RAY-1285 frequency synthesized, microprocessor controlled Single Side Band is the most technologically advanced compact long-distance radiotelephone for professional worldwide mariners. Although we tried, we could not find an SSB in its class with better performance or more advanced features.The 150-watt RAY-1285 is so easy to use that most people feel comfortable with it in minutes. Yet it has the power and versatility to provide complete worldwide coverage of all coastal and high seas marine SSB bands.

The 1285 is ready for use on power-up since its internal frequency reference needs no warm-up and its Electrically Altered Read Only Memory automatically resets to the last station used. It has automatic self test. Voice-sensing squelch makes reception silent until a message is received. Variable RF gain adjusts receiver sensitivity. All 192 ITU international channels plus another 44 user-programmable frequencies are easily selected from the keyboard. A large, custom, back-lit liquid crystal display, which is extremely easy to read in any light, indicates station, transmit, receive, and modulation.

Raytheon's "SeaWatch" scanning feature enables up to 10 user-selectable stations to be monitored continuously including the International Emergency Frequency, 2182 kHz.

The safety features of the RAY-1285 could save your life. Pressing the "Quick Select" instantaneously activates the emergency channel. A twotone distress alarm is provided to get help fast. Raytheon's "Emergency Transmit Control" broadcasts even with a broken antenna.

Transmitting from 1.6 to 26 MHz and receiving from 100 kHz to 30 MHz in 100 Hz steps, the 1285 has variable-rate manual receiver tuning.

The further you turn the knob, the faster the frequencies change.

Modulation is selectable with A3J standard SSB, A3A modified SSB and A3H AM compatible. A remote antenna coupler provides continuous automatic fine-tuning during transmissions remembering each station's setup automatically.

Conclusion: Raytheon's featurepacked RAY-1285 combines outstanding features, performance and range with a moderate price. It is the logical choice for mariners looking for great value and the "ultimate" compact SSB.

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