Coast Guard Orders Schottel Jet Thruster

— Literature Available Schottel of America, Inc., of Miami, Fla., recently received an order from the Coast Guard for a remote controlled water-jet bow propulsion and maneuvering system for a shallow-draft barge that is believed to be the first such installation in the U.S. The unit will be installed in an existing 150-foot by 60-foot by 10-foot Aids-to-Navigation barge which will be propel propelled by and controlled from a 140- foot WTGB tugboat.

Powered by a Detroit Diesel 8V- 92 developing 300 hp at 1,800 rpm, the Schottel Model SBJ-112 Bow Jet develops 5,700 pounds of static thrust at the discharge nozzel.

A propeller rotating in a horizontal plane draws water through an opening in the hull bottom and forces it against a movable shield.

A self-contained double-acting hydraulic ram activates the shield, which directs the thrust by diverting water flow as required. This method of thrust control simplifies installation and reduces costs as it completely eliminates the need for a reverse gear. The jet unit weighs 4,400 pounds and will operate at full efficiency in 24 inches of water.

The Schottel Jet unit is located in a purpose-dedicated compartment on the barge and is controlled remotely from the pilothouse and two wing locations on the towboat and locally from a single control station on the barge.

The control system has been designed to permit the engine to idle while the jet develops zero thrust to eliminate continuous starting and stopping. Both magnitude and direction of thrust are controlled by panel-mounted push buttons to minimize operator fatigue.

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