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in splash spray exposure tests is at least one year of rust-free service.

Because Sermatech can be ap- plied at DFTs down to 0.0004 inches, the coating systems are widely used on fasteners and other assemblies with faying surfaces and close-tolerance fit. SermeTel 725 and SermeTel 1141 conform to

MIL-C-81751B, and are specified for all Government-procured Level 1 fasteners.

Sermatech numbers among its customers Bath Iron Works, In- galls Shipbuilding Division, Dover-

Norris, Waeco Valve, Gleason Ve- lan Valves, Chiles Drilling, Gen- eral Electric, Dupont, United

Technologies-Hamilton Standard,

PPG Industries, and DAF-Indal.

For corrosion-resistant fas- teners, valves, couplings, struc- tural steel, electrical housings, overhead lighting fixtures, pipe hangers, or any other metal part subject to severe marine environ- ments, Sermatech coating could be a cost-effective answer.


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Sigma, one of the oldest of the world's traditional paint and coat- ings manufacturers, continues to emphasize through research, de- velopment, and in-service experi- ence those products that will ena- ble vessel owners and operators to extend recoat intervals, whether for drydock work, on-board main- tenance, or to provide alternatives to present painting and coatings practices. Sigma Coatings, Inc. is located in Garfield, N.J.

Sigmaplane, Sigma's hydrodis- solving or smoothing antifouling now provides 60 -I- months of ser- vices, yet is acceptable as a one- coat antifouling for short service experience. Sigma's TCP 7476 is a high-build epoxy that will outper- form, according to the manufac- turer, other high-performance coatings and paint systems when applied over surfaces where blast cleaning is neither practical nor permitted. As a bottom anticorro- sive, TCP can replace, with equally excellent results, the highly con- troversial coal tar epoxies.

Sigma's Rust-Gone II primer and finish coat system will provide a hard, durable high-gloss finish that touch dries in 10 to 15 minutes.

The advantage of these products are that they are water-borne, and as such require no solvents for thinning or cleaning, display an unusual ease of application, and have an extremely long life.

In addition to an extensive prod- uct line, stocked and serviced at most principal ports throughout the world, Sigma provides a professional Technical Service

Group that not only supervise all work in progress, but are avail- able for consultation, inspection, and other services relating to the implementation of the "best" prod- ucts and systems for the vessel or job.

New Filter Media Offers

Greater Protection

Against Abrasive Wear

To reduce downtime and prolong the life of hydraulic/lubrication components, Stauff Corporation of

Waldwick, N.J., introduces the

Betapure"1 line of low-and high- pressure filter elements. The new elements capture silt size particles and virtually eliminate component failures due to abrasive wear.

The key component to the Stauff silt control element is the new

Betapure media, which combines a higher beta absolute removal rat- ing with greater dirt retention properties for longer service. Stauff disposable filter elements are tested to the latest ANSI/ISO standards, and are available in capacities to meet most industrial and heavy equipment requirements.

Element construction permits use in non-bypass, bypass, and reverse flow applications with all hy- draulic fluids including petroleum base, esthers, HWBF, water gly- col, and innert emulsions. The re- enforced pleat design of Stauff ele- ments permits collapse ratings of 435 and 3,000 psid in 3, 5, 10 and 20 micrometer absolute removal ratings.

For more information on the

Betapure elements,

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The "old masters" of waterside corrosion protection.


KJ or more than seventy years, Apexior® Number 1® and Apexior" Number 3® coatings have been providing effective corrosion protection for metal exposed to fresh or salt water.

JL Apexior Number 1 is a heat-resistant organic coating for the protection of metal surfaces immersed in hot water at temperatures above 200°F (93°C). It protects the water-side surfaces of steam generating equipment, feed water heaters, de-aerators, evaporators, steam turbines, and diesel cylinder liners.

Apexior Number 3 protects metal surfaces that are frequently wet or exposed to high humidity, or that are immersed in water up to 140°F (60°C). It provides basic, low-cost protection for metal surfaces that are difficult to prepare properly. It is recommended for service conditions where the use of expensive high-performance coating systems cannot be justified.

Take advantage of the corrosion protection the "old masters" provide. Apexior coatings are available in the U.S. and Canada from your marine supplier or Dampney Company, Inc., 85 Paris Street, Everett, MA 02149. (617) 389-2805. Telex II 710-348-6716. Distributor inquiries invited.


Other Dampney products include Epodur9 and Endcor ® corrosion- resistant coatings, and Thurmalox® heat-resistant coatings.

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