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based, require virtually no surface preparation, and acutually pene- trate the substrate for maximum protection. They do not sag as do many products, can be applied un- iformally, and can be manufac- tured to dry hard, remain tacky, or to remain soft.

A.B. Ferryl products are now available in the U.S. and Carib- bean area through Jaegle Paint.

Ferryl's Ferrycid is a complex chemical liquid that works quickly to prolong the life of paint, remove rust stains from painted surfaces, cleans and bleaches wood decks, and removes chalk, stains, and rust from sanitary installations. It penetrates into steel surfaces and provides a rust-free, clean surface, improving adhesion of the coating with corresponding improvements in protection and durability.

Ferryl 202 is a specially manu- factured anticorrosive grease that provides a semi-dry, tough film with excellent lubricating, rust- prevention, and adhesion proper- ties. This product is easy to apply and has a very high melting point to eliminate grease "drips."


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Jotun Marine Coatings, Inc. of

Baltimore, an industry leader in self-polishing copolymer antifoul- ing since the introduction of Tak- ata LLL more than six years ago, now presents the next generation—

Seaflex, Seamate HB33, and Sea- mate HB66.

Seaflex offers the flexibility of being applied in one coat on any previous traditional long life or self-polishing antifouling. It gives 24 months of protection in one coat. Seaflex contains Jotun-devel- oped copolymer as binder. When drydocking time is limited, Sea- flex offers an economical alternative.

Seamate HB (high build) is based on a specially formulated organo- tin copolymer as binder, which slowly dissolves in seawater so that fresh antifouling is continu- ously exposed. It can be applied as one coat up to a dry film thickness of 150 microns. It is available in two qualities, HB33 and HB66; the former polishes at a slower rate than HB66. Greater economy is achieved through the high-build nature of these coatings, as greater film thicknesses may be obtained with less costs.

As every shipowner realizes the importance of controlled fuel con- sumption, the new Seamate HB concept offers the owner the best and most economical system in re- lation to vessel speed, charter routes, and drydocking intervals.

In addition to the latest in copol- ymer antifoulings, Jotun now of- fers Safeguard, a two-pack, corro- sion-preventing, coal tar epoxy paint for long-time protection of submerged steel and ballast water tanks. Safeguard is said to be an excellent choice where high-build, dry film thickness is required in a minimum of coats. It provides ad- equate corrosion control whether applied on tugs, barges, or ocean- going vessels.


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Kaiser Aluminum & Chemical

Corporation of Oakland, Calif., is now manufacturing and market- ing, in Asia and Oceania, alumi- num anodes for cathotic protection in marine environments. The an- odes are being produced in Taiwan by the Metal Products Division of

Kaiser Chemicals, a division of

Kaiser Aluminum. Kaiser Chemi-1 cals has been a major supplier of sacrificial anodes for the protec- tion of steel in corrosive environ- ments for 30 years.

Primary product for marine ap- plications is KA95, a highly effi- cient, mercury-type aluminum al- loy anode, with maximum current output. The company's Far East converter, Formosa Shinn Yaun at

Kaoshiung, Taiwan, will produce flush-mount hull anodes, ballast tank anodes, platform, and multi- purpose anodes. Kaiser Chemicals maintains the same manufactur- (continued on page 42)

Production systems for ships, barges ana offshore structures.

May 1,1984

DWB ship transfer system.

Beam line. Panel line at Bath Iron Works.

If you're looking for productivity, you should talktoTTS.

TTS specializes in solutions that offer immediate increases in productivity for your yard. Shotblast and paint lines. Panel lines.

Beam lines for N/C cutting and marking of stiffeners. Heavy lift and ship transfer sys- tems. Material handling systems.

Proven, flexible, custom-designed to suit any size shipyard, any existing facility

Give us your particular production prob- lems. Let us propose how to reduce material handling costs, mechanize production and increase productivity. We are just a phone call away



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Newport News, Virginia 23606

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