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Diesel Power Review

Transamerica Delaval (continued from page 34) carriers, Pride of Texas, Star of

Texas, and Spirit of Texas, built by Levingston Shipbuilding, of Or- ange, Texas, for Asco Falcon I are powered by twin Enterprise R4-

V12 direct-reversing engines, giv- ing each ship a total of 15,600 hp.

By burning residual fuels these vessels remain competitive with international dry bulk carriers.

Twin Enterprise R4-V16 en- gines propel U.S. Steel's M/V Ed- win H. Gott, a mammoth ore boat longer than three football fields.

Inspections of the main propulsion engines continue to show clean in- ternals and very low wear rates under heavy fuel service.

Ship service diesel generators for three American President Lines containerships were supplied by

Transamerica Delaval. Con- structed by Avondale Shipyards of

New Orleans, these are the largest containerships ever built in the

U.S. Their refrigerated cargo is safeguarded by three heavy fuel burning Enterprise R4-L6 diesels, rated at 2500 kw each.

Four Enterprise R4-V16 engines power two 35,000-dwt tankers built by Bath Iron Works for Falcon I

Sea Transport Company. These will be chartered to the Military

Sealift Command for transporting fuels to government bases world- n « •o



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CHAINS - ANCHORS - MOORINGS - TESTING HOUSE ph. 10-869831 - telex 270424 NEPTUA I • CABLO OTIDRA GENOA wide. The R4-V16s, each rated at 7,360 bhp, are designed to operate on various fuels including the more economical grades with viscosities up to 3500 Redwood.

Other Enterprise equipped ves- sels include the world-circling rig work boats of Biehl, Inc. and six 47,000-dwt Catug petroleum car- riers built by Halter Marine and

Bethlehem Steel.

Transamerica Delaval has com- plemented its line of Enterprise diesels by signing an agreement with the Dutch firm of Stork-

Werkspoor Diesel B.V. of Amster- dam, which gives Transamerica

Delaval the rights to the exclusive manufacture and marketing of the

Enterprise-SWD TM 620 diesel.

This engine, which operates up to 430 rpm, is offered as a 9-cylinder in-line unit with an output of 16,650 at the flywheel, and a vee- type 12-cylinder unit rated at 22,200 bhp.

Available from Transamerica

Delaval free of charge are techni- cal reports examining heavy fuel economics in marine applications, including today's river boat industry.


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Volvo Penta has introduced a new, improved version of its tur- bocharged 12-liter diesel engine, the TMD 120. Specially designed for use as the main engine in workboats and leisure craft, it is claimed to exhibit high output in relation to weight and installed di- mensions, low fuel consumption, and a high level of operational reliability.

The B-version of the TMD-120 features advanced control of the injection and combustion processes with new injectors which provide the possibility of more rapid injec- tion at higher pressure and with decreased combustion delay. To- gether with efficient turbocharg- ing and a combustion chamber of new design, this will yield a con- siderable improvement in efficiency.

Other technical refinements in

Volvo Penta's 12-liter diesel in- clude piston-cooling, a hose-free seawater system with a heat exchanger, and thermostat-con- trolled cooling of the engine block, cylinder heads, turbo, and exhaust manifold.

The Swedish firm's line of die- sels includes 2, 3, 4, and 6-cylinder engines covering 12 different models. Some models are equipped with turbochargers and others with both turbo and after-coolers.

Additionally, Volvo Penta offers twin engines driving through a compound gear providing a single shaft output from 336 shp to 580 shp. The twin-engine/single-out- put package provides many advan- tages including "take-home" capa- bility on one engine.

A wide range of accessories de- signed for commercial use are available such as front or side mounted power take-offs, flexible (continued on page 38) 36 Write 821 on Reader Service Card Maritime Reporter/Engineering News

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