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A. E. "Bud" Dacus finds Caprinus R Oil W helps keep EMD-567C s in top condition. "Works equally well in my Detroit Diesel 6-71 auxiliary diesels," he says. "I'm impressed-Shell's Caprinus® R Oil 40 keeps my EMD's in better condition than any other oil I've used in 20 years." alkalinity than Caprinus T Oil (10.2

TNB-E compared to 7.5) and retains effective alkalinity in extended high- stress service. It neutralizes combus- tion acids and guards against corro- sive wear of rings and liners over long periods.

Filters frequently last longer, too.

Caprinus R Oil's dispersant additive system helps keep insolubles in sus- pension, prevent heavy deposit buildup. Result — the possibility of significantly extended filter service life, an important maintenance saving.

The switch is on to Caprinus R

Top engine performance is why nearly 100 towboats, including ten from the

Sioux City-New Orleans Barge Com- pany, have already switched to Shell's

Caprinus R Oil. Look into this high alkalinity engine oil for your vessels.

It could mean important savings in operating costs for you!

Intake ports for an EMD16-567C cylinder are completely free of deposits after more than 13,000 hours on Caprinus T Oil and 5,000 hours on Caprinus R.

Send for technical bulletin describing the properties and applica- tions of Caprinus R Oil 40 in medium-speed diesels. Just write:

Shell Oil Company Manager, Com- mercial Communications, One Shell

Plaza, Houston,

Texas 77002.

Come to

Shell for answers *Caprinus is a trademark and is used as such in this writing. "Until recently, we considered

Shell's Caprinus*T Oil 40 the best.

It kept our EMD's in fine condition.

But Caprinus R Oil 40 looks even better."

Mr. Dacus made his comments dur- ing a routine teardown of his EMD 16-567Cs after 18,875 hours of ser- vice. The engine photographed had been on Shell's Caprinus T Oil and switched to Caprinus R Oil for the last 5,000 hours.

Exceptional Cleanliness "I never saw an engine look so clean after 5,000 hours on any oil," adds

Mr. Dacus. "It looked even cleaner at 18,875 hours than at the 13,000 hour mark. Top decks had just a light oil film. Intake ports were wide open.

Practically no sludge in the sump.

Minimum wear on rings."

Guards against corrosion

Caprinus R Oil 40 is higher in initial

Says A. E. "Bud" Dacus,

Chief Engineer of the

M/V Crescent City since her launching in 1958. "We've tried a good many engine oils in the Crescent City over the past 20 years," continues Mr. Dacus, veteran engineer for the Sioux City-New

Orleans Barge Company of Hartford,


Absence of carbon or ash deposits on piston undercrowns demonstrates outstanding stability of Caprinus T and Caprinus R Oils.

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