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The section on fire detection, prevention and extinction has been completely rewritten.

A major revision of the Rules such as this has involved the co- ordination of an immense amount of effort in technical, editorial and production departments. A steer- ing committee was established in 1974 to study the format of the

Rules and to make recommenda- tions for their improvement. It has also met weekly since Jan- uary 1976 to provide direction and monitor progress.

Mr. Hildrew said: "We recog- nized the need to present the

Rules in a more logical sequence to make them easier for subscrib- ers to use, and while there have been substantial changes to the 1976 Rules (no Rules were issued in 1977—deliberately), the Soci- ety hopes the restructuring of the 1978 Rules will enable the user to more effectively expedite his designs."

The Rules are now organized in seven basic parts with 61 in- dividual chapters as follows:

PART 1. Classification regula- tions.

PART 2. Requirements for ma- terials used for ship and ma- chinery construction, including requirements relating to steel plates, castings, forgings, pipes and tubes and welding consum- ables.

PART 3. The basic structural design philosophy of hull con- struction, longitudinal strength, aft-end structures, superstruc- tures, etc.

PART 4. Hull construction re- quirements for specific ship types, e.g., tugs, ferries, bulk carriers, oil tankers, and containerships. (Two new class notations have been introduced — "100A1 Bulk

Carrier," and 100A1 Container


PART 5. Main and auxiliary machinery, including shaft vi- bration and alignment and piping systems for oil and chemical tankers.

PART 6. Automation and con- trol systems, electrical systems, refrigeration systems, and fire prevention systems.

PART 7. Highly specialized ships to which the format of the rest of the Rules cannot easily be applied, e.g., nuclear ships.

The complete set of the 1978

Rules will cost $150, which in- cludes the service of providing updated sections for a period of five years. However, "Extracts" from the Rules will continue to be available at prices from $1.75 to $29.75, depending on the size and content of each extract. The price includes an updating service.

German, French and Spanish editions of the New Rules will be available early next year.

DeLong Jack Systems

Described In Brochure

A new 24-page brochure is available describing the engineer- ing, construction, installation and design capabilities of the DeLong


Based on DeLong's line of pneu- matic and hydraulic jack systems with standard lifting capacities of 450 to over 1,800 metric tons, the brochure describes company ex- pertise in both onshore and off- shore applications.

Among the many projects cov- ered are deepwater oil-loading terminals, gas-oil separator plat- forms, conventional pier and har- bor facilities, construction of bridges, tunnels and drydocks, laying of submarine pipelines, and sewage outfalls.

DeLong has completed projects from the Arctic to the tropics,

New York's East River to the

Orinoco, as well as in the North

Sea, Arabian Gulf, West Africa,

Japan, Gulf of Mexico, North

Atlantic, Caribbean, Borneo, Bal- tic Sea — in fact, just about any- where.

For a free copy of this bro- chure, contact Donald J. Mac-

Pherson, Operations Manager, De-

Long Corporation, 29 Broadway,

New York, N.Y. 10006.



Engine room parts, valves, etc.

Deck equipment also available including Almon Johnson series 225 towing winches. Tugs are complete except for wheel house equipment. Electrical parts run on 230V D.C. 149' STEEL HULL STEAM


Foreign Flag Sale Only. In Good Condition


Mooring Chain 1-5/8" Stud link, .085 per lb.

Anchors and Anchor Chain

Hall Anchors—6000#, 8000# and 10,000# classes 1-15/16" Cast Steel approx. 5V2" Shots 2-7/16" Cast Steel approx. 5

Remnant Chain 2V2" Stud Link 2" Stud Link 11/2" Common Link 1V2" Topping Chain

We also stock fans, generators, pumps and motors for victory ships, destroyers, destroyer escorts and


For more information contact: Lane Whitmore or

Marty Brashem at (206) 572-4000. 1902 Marine View Drive

Tacoma, Wa 98122 (206) 572-4000

Telex: 327435 TAC • Cable: GENMETEX

THE PANAMA CANAL COMPANY (a U.S. Government agency)


Naval Architect (Small craft and boats)

Marine Pilots Clinical Nurses

Towboat Masters Electrician

Towboat Engineers Machinist

Dredge Engineers Shipfitters

Crane Operators Pipefitter

Forger (Heavy) Toolmaker

Blacksmith (Heavy Fires) Molde

Positions are in the career federal service

Rates of pay are comparable to the wages for similar positions, plus 15% tropical differential.


Free transportation to Canal Zone for appointee, eligible dependents and household goods; free shipment of auto- mobile from New Orleans to the Canal Zone; approximately two months' leave earned annually; round-trip transporta- tion to U.S. place of residence every two years; U.S. operated schools from kindergarten through junior col- lege; Government sponsored life and health insurance programs; U.S. Civil Service retirement benefits; year- round tropical climate; and opportunities for economical tourist travel to Central and South America, and some

Caribbean countries.

Airmail Personal Qualifications Statement (SF-171, avail- able in some post offices or Government agencies) or inquiry to: Chief, Personnel Operations Division; Box 2012; Balboa Heights, Canal Zone; Attn: Chief, U.S.

Recruitment Section, Dept. MREN.



Design and






Top technical authority responsible for the formulation, technical content, integrity, and execution of the in-house, laboratory, support contract and major contract R&D efforts of the SES program. Responsibilities encompass directing total program implementation from the evaluation and development of studies of SES technologies to the design and formulation of prototypes. Must have broad and significant experience in research and development in the field of Surface Effect Ships and conventional ship design. Salary range from $39,629 to $47,500 depending on experience. Civil Service status not required. Submit SF-171 (Personal Qualifications Statement) by 31 October 1977 to:

David W. Taylor Naval Ship

Research & Development Center

Civilian Personnel Department

Code 712.3B

Bethesda, Maryland 20084

Equal Opportunity Employer

October 15, 1977 55

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