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Prudential Lines Names

Captain George Evans

Capt. George H. Evans

Capt. George H. Evans has been appointed general manager- operations of the Mediterranean/

Mid-East Division of Prudential


Captain Evans has had an ex- tensive career in shipping, first as a commander of ships (the

British vessels Nailsea Meadow,

Empire Flame, and Empire Gale), and as a land-based manager.

Most recently, Captain Evans was chairman and managing director of Refrigerated Express Lines

Ltd., with headquarters in Syd- ney, Australia. Previously, he had been vice president of R.J.I. Cor- poration, senior vice president of

States Marine Lines and presi- dent of Safmarine (N.Y.).

Captain Evans is a member and former vice president of the New

York Shipping Association, and is a founding member of the Council of North Atlantic Shipping Asso- ciations and its first president.

Prudential's Mediterranean/

Mid-East Division has pioneered the use of the LASH (lighter aboard ship) system. Each LASH vessel carries up to 77 lighters (barges) suitable for all cargo types including bulk, breakbulk, liquid bulk, palletized, unitized, refrigerated, and heavy equip- ment for construction projects.

Prudential serves the Mediterra- nean from U.S. East Coast ports.

Eight-Page Brochure

Describes New Concept

In 3-Way Rotary Valves

Leslie Co. has released a new eight-page illustrated brochure on their space-saving 3-way rotary valve for by-pass temperature control in marine, industrial and utility application.

The brochure explains how sav- ings of up to 50 percent can be achieved with the new 3-way ro- tary valve concept over conven- tional globe-type 3-way valves.

Numerous schematics show typical 3-way rotary valve appli- cation in marine main diesel en- gine cooling. Complete valve spec- ifications are included, plus data on control and actuation, opera- tion, sizing, selecting, accessories and options.

Write for bulletin 10/7.1.1, to

G.W. Stables Jr., Leslie Co., Par- sippany, N.J. 07054.

Brochure Describes

Removal Of Smoke

From Air Vents

Vent Fog Precipitators, to re- move oil mist and smoke from the air of breathing vents on ma- rine operating machinery, are now being marketed by Bull & Rob- erts, Inc. They are designed for installation on compressors, tur- bines, reduction gear cases, diesel engines, lube oil systems and sim- ilar applications.

Normally in lubricating sys- tems, petroleum-based and syn- thetic oils break down into fine mist and smoke particles which escape through bearing seals to breather vents where they are exhausted. Unless they are re- covered, they can create health and fire hazards, violate air pol- lution codes, and foul relays and other electronic components.

All six models meet MIL-STD requirements of high impact shock, environmental vibration and electronic interference, and are manufactured to military specifications. For an illustrated brochure, write to John M. Walsh,

Bull & Roberts, Inc., 785 Central

Avenue, Murray Hill, N.J. 07974.

When bigger barges are built,

Wiley will build them.

A case in point: Pittston Marine's new tank barge, a floating oil field over 315 feet long was recently built by

Wiley. Designed for manned coastwise service or unmanned ocean service, the "Rockland" carries up to 70,000 barrels of Grade A petroleum products and lower, with approximately 3.4 miles of heating coils for hot oil.

Deep well pumps are on the deck, with drive engines in an all- weather enclosure. A recessed house for quarters and galley is heated and air-conditioned.

The "Rockland" is the latest in the Wiley built deck, tank, dump, crane and coal barges; clamshell dredges; tugs and towboats; tankers, passenger and fishing vessels. With

Wiley's broad marine capabilities, we can custom-build to your specifications.

For more information, contact:

A Unit of AMCA International Corporation

Suite 200/Stockton Building/University Office Plaza

Newark. Delaware 19702 U.S.A. (302) 738-5100

Telex No. 83-5370

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