DOD Management Of Energy Resources Highlights Naval Engineers Meeting

An address by Rear Adm. Nathan Sonenshein, past president of the American Society of Naval Engineers and currently Director of the Defense Energy Task Group, highlighted this season's second regular meeting of the ASNE Tidewater Chapter.

His timely discussion of the Department of Defense's response to the energy crisis in terms of fuel conservation measures and investigations of alternate fuel sources was heard by a record turnout of members and their guests.

Admiral Sonenshein, in citing some of the immediate effects of the fuel shortage, said that some military buildings may do without adequate heat this winter, and many training operations will be shortened or eliminated. He pointed out that while the DOD consumes only 2.4 percent of all the energy used in America, it is particularly sensitive to petroleum shortages due to the high jet fuel demands of military aircraft.

Discussing possible oil substitutes, he said that nuclear powered planes, while technically feasible, are not practicable in the near future, and that hydrogen would appear a more likely alternate energy source for aircraft.

Concluding his remarks, he emphasized that our nation's military readiness would not be compromised by the energy crisis.

The interest shown Admiral Sonenshein's remarks was evidenced by a lively question and answer period following his address, and his excellent presentation will undoubtedly prove this meeting the outstanding one of the Tidewater Chapter's 1973-74 season.

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