Magnavox Announces Offshore Drill Rig Positioning System

A low-cost rugged equipment for real-time precise positioning of offshore drilling vessels has been developed by Magnavox, Advanced Products Division of Torrance, Calif. This system automatically provides a position fix day or night, anywhere in the world, in all weather.

The system receives messages as transmitted from five polar orbiting satellites. Thus, no signal range limitations or shore stations are required.

These satellite messages are processed and a position fix is automatically printed-out in latitude, longitude (and height).

Position accuracies of better than 10 meters (in three dimensions) can be achieved 'by automatically obtaining approximately 10 satellite fixes.

A two-dimensional, latitude and longitude, position fix of 100 feet (RMS) can be achieved by computing a single satellite fix. This accuracy is achieved while the vessel is stationary or under way, provided speed and heading are known.

Several large oil companies are using this technique to move and position their drilling vessels.

To provide a real-time position fixing capability, the dual channel satellite receiver is connected to the computer and the satellite data is processed immediately and a position fix is printed. When a position is required, though not in real-time, a data recorder can be used to store the raw satellite data, and a post computation of this data will provide the identical precise position information. The data-recording technique is often used in either inaccessible or highly remote areas for boundary or fixed site positioning.

In addition to these Magnavox positioning systems, Magnavox has successfully integrated satellite navigation systems with various speed and sensors and seismic systems to provide fully automatic precise navigation, data recording and seismic control systems. These systems are being used in offshore geophysical exploration, oceanographic research, deepsea mining, cable laying, and numerous military applications.

Additional information may be obtained by contacting the Marketing Manager-Marine Electronics, or E.B. Hecht, Product Support/ Information Manager at Magnavox, 2829 Maricopa Street, Torrance, Calif. 90503.

Maritime Reporter Magazine, page 31,  Feb 1974

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