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HydroComp: DonMacPherson Krill Bunkering Screenshot Logimatic prediction accuracy of the tools. A system- atic development and validation process

Logimatic insures program reliability. The software

So? endalsvej 5B, 9200 Aalborg, Denmark must ? t into a corporate setting, where

Website: users are con? dent in the outcome of the

Employees: 116 tools. User feedback from an international

Director: Michael Paarup family of software customers that crosses

Description: Maintenance, ? eet management, procure- many disciplines helps guide interface ment &HSQE design and program operation. Hydro-

Database System: Microsoft SQL Server 2008R2

Comp products are tools for professionals,

Method of Delivery: Local server they must be practical and readily usable

Operating System: Microsoft Windows 7 by practicing naval architects. End-user becoming a ‘system integrator’ with the technical support and training classes, The Software and its Value: Sertica is one ability to supply a broad selection of fuel supported by Hydrocomp’s active consult- modern single integrated client/server ? ow meters and other accessory compo- ing practice contributes to the ? delity of system encompassing all standard mari- nents to meet client requirements. Today, the software. HydroComp’s expert staff time industry business processes in areas

Krill supplies Coriolis fuel ? ow meters from are the software’s most critical users. including but not limited to safety/HSQE,

Emerson Micro-Motion, Endress+Hauser operations, procurement and technical. and ABB; Volume meters from Kral, Pro

Biggest Success: The software is built for and together with

Flow Dynamics and others, selecting the

Industry acceptance and market share the maritime industry and proven through best meters to meet each requirement. Krill for NavCad, the tool for resistance and years with a strong portfolio of custom- provides solutions that accurately measure propulsion. Used by over 600 industry ers operating vessels world-wide, also and report Bunker fuel on vessels and professionals, it s part of the curriculum in including offshore operations and support. measurement of bunker ? ow at on-shore more than 50 universities and academies. Sertica supports the entire ? ow from facilities. Krill also developed a ‘Dual initial data entry at the vessel, technical

Bunkering’ system that provides simultane- supervision, vessel performance optimi- ous measurement and display of bunkers zation, procurement management and

Krill Systems at different oil density levels. More recent the related logistics, electronic invoicing, 175 Par? tt Way SW, Bainbridge Island, WA 98110 developments include a custom software auto-matching, approval and payment,

Website: system to measure LNG/LPG, liquid/gas gives full transparency through the entire

Employees: 6 transfers. This is anticipated to become a ? ow including the possibility for high level

Technical Director: Casey Cox major requirement in the near future. Krill

KPI and subsequent data drill downs.

Description: Vessel Fuel Management Systems optimizes fuel consumption by delivering

The software is additionally capable of

Annual Sales: $2M - $5M accurate measurement data of vessel fuel replacing and eliminating numerous other

Database System: Microsoft consumption, in real time, to managers.

systems, streamlining data interaction

Delivery: Cloud and local server between functional modules in an easy-

Operating System: Windows 7/8/10

Biggest Success: to-access user interface. Beyond this, it

A Fisheries Research Vessel Fleet instal-

The Software and its Value: provides a standard integration engine for lation. Current Projects include a NOAA

Krill addresses the robust marine industry the ? nance (ERP) system, making business

Vessel Operations Center (VOC) demand for complete, turn-key systems by processes automatic, ef? cient and cost Maritime Professional 61| | 50-63 Q2 MP2016.indd 61 5/19/2016 11:50:51 AM

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