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Oceanographic Instrumentation: Measurement, Process & Analysis

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Martin McDonald, SVP, ROV Division, Oceaneering and inertial navigation systems that allows it to perform those trol systems, and I expect that our future vehicles will run on tasks consistently. This is still an emerging technology, and it our next-generation software and control systems. We don’t takes a little time to dock autonomously. The reality today is currently outsource any of this development; however, we are that a really good pilot could do it quicker, but not necessarily not averse to partnering or collaborating with other companies consistently and repeatedly. The technology is evolving, but I that have unique skill sets. We’re always open and on the look- expect that auto docking and intervention operations will be- out, but, right now, we have planned our own development. come faster and more consistent in the near future, providing more ef? cient and reliable operations. What are the prevailing technical trends driving ROV

The telemetry, control systems, and communication links for design and development today? What do you need

ROVs have come a long way as well. Faster communication these vehicles to do that they currently cannot do?

and reliable telemetry, control systems, and software advance- Keeping with the theme of residency and autonomy, electric ments have enabled us to get to where we are today and will ROVs have been around for a long time, but continued advance- help us get to where we’re going. ments in electrical systems and battery technology will be an extremely important enabler allowing increased range, dura-

Does Oceaneering develop its software and control bility, and more complex autonomous operations – ultimately systems in house? leading to a reduction in surface vessel days. If our customers

That’s a key differentiator for Oceaneering: we have our can use less vessel days in the support of their ? eld develop- own in-house software development teams. All of our con- ment, operations, and maintenance, then we’re going to lower trols software is developed by our staff engineers, and we’re the overall cost of ownership and open up new opportunities.

currently developing the advanced software that will run our Robust communications systems are another important need next-generation ROVs and autonomous underwater vehicles – 4G networks didn’t exist in the North Sea a few years ago, (AUVs). Our current ? eet runs on our own software and con- and now there is close to 100% coverage. Soon 4G networks

Oceaneering’s ROV line-up with next-generation vehicles Freedom and E-ROV included.

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