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Underwater Vehicle Annual

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MUD deployment diagram.

New Tech

MUD: Bute Inlet bathymetry.

RE2’s Dex

Image: ASL

Image: ASL researchers, deployed a three frequency tively address Waterborne Improvized

MUD: Next Gen in Acoustic (200 kHz, 769 kHz, 1250 kHz) MUD Explosive Devices (WBIEDs) with the

Backscatter Measurements

A new tool to measure both sediment in Bute Inlet, one of the principal inlets control, accuracy and speed of a hu- concentration and sediment size is being of the British Columbia coast. This site man diver. The system is designed with built by ASL Environmental Sciences was selected due to its large number two identical arms to ensure modular-

Inc. (ASL). The Multi-frequency Ultra- of seasonal turbidity

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