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New Tech

Pitching a Tent Underwater

Birns Extreme Cold

Hydrostatic Pressure Testing

Credit: Michael Lombardi

Birns Connectors habitat offer a number of unique as-

Pitching a Tent Underwater

A pair of innovators have developed pects, starting with its portability: the an underwater habitat – a subsea ‘base- habitat and its anchoring system is por- camp’ if you will – that provides a por- table enough for divers to travel with it table deep-sea space for divers, a habitat in their checked luggage. Another ad- and dedicated life support system that vance is the habitat’s modular life sup- provides creates a breathable environ- port system, which has a replenishable ment. Developed by NYU Meyers pro- source of oxygen, a scrubber, and a fan fessor Winslow Burleson and diving to remove carbon dioxide from the envi- pioneer and explorer Michael Lombar- ronment, continuously cleaning the air di, the system was awarded a patent in in the tent. This unique ability to control

December 2018. the atmospheric composition creates

Credit: Birns Credit: Birns

While advances in technology have a safe and breathable environment for enabled divers to explore deeper and divers. The habitat was successfully de- and

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