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The Vehicles nodules that are of intense interest to mining companies. is the ? rst observation-class ROV to use Forum’s Integrated

Operations next shifted attention to Station Aloha cabled Control Engine (ICE) to bring greater functionality com- ocean observatory support. Routine maintenance tasks were monly only found in larger work-class vehicles. The advanced performed along with changing some instruments and sen- control electronics pod ? tted to all Forum XLe observation sors. The ROV design enables lifting/positioning the instru- class vehicles enables superior connectivity and expansion ment packages in addition to performing the more delicate capabilities when compared with other ROV’s on the market. cable manipulation tasks. Ethernet interfacing allows for seamless integration with other

The ? nal project of the year saw the deep water system de- industry sensors using common IP architecture and ease of ployed for a special project working in 30m to 400m of wa- remote data transfer.

ter. Despite working in shallow, tropical waters, the system “As the subsea market continues to recover from a sustained did not experience overheating in the umbilical, even over the downturn, cost ef? ciency is high on the agenda for the indus- course of a 20.5 hour dive. This demonstrated the ? exibility try,” said Kevin Taylor, VP of Subsea, Forum. “Forum recog- and utility of the system, again proving its value as a regional nized the opportunity to apply our leading software to a more asset in the Paci? c. compact vehicle to enhance capabilities and meet the chang- ing demands of the sector.

Blue Robotics “By utilizing the same system across all vehicles, pilots

Combining state-of-the-art data analytics with the expand- only have one interface to learn as the skills are transferra- able and customizable technology of Blue Robotics Blu- ble between the smallest observation vehicle and the largest eROV2, Abyss Solutions of Sydney, Australia is providing trenchers. This means training can concentrate on operational clients with safer, easier and more comprehensive underwater tasks opposed to control systems, providing further ef? cien- inspections. cies.”

With the BlueROV2 Heavy con? guration as a platform, The XLe Spirit incorporates a number of features to maxi-

Abyss Solutions has integrated a number of off-the-shelf ex- mize its stability for use as a sensor platform, including reg- ternal sensors such as an imaging sonar, USBL, UT Gauge, ulated propulsion power, optimized thruster orientation and and High Powered LED strobe lights. These sensors comple- location, accurate thruster speed control and a wide range of ment their in-house designed UHD camera, the LANTERN auto-functions for positioning and ? ying.

EYE, an imaging system that allows them to capture the clear- The XLe Spirit has just completed a 12-week test program est images underwater. These sensors all work together in con- at Forum’s test tank in Kirkbymoorside, Yorkshire. It will be junction with Blue Robotics open-source software to capture sent for sea trials in the ? rst quarter of 2019.

targeted and localized UHD imagery. Abyss’s analytics return feature-rich 3D models and uses machine learning algorithms

Kongsberg Unveils HUGIN Superior AUV to identify and categorize anomalies in an accurate and ef? - Unveiled in December, Kongsberg Maritime’s new HUGIN cient manner. Interactive visualization tools enable clients to SUPERIOR AUV introduces signi? cantly enhanced data, po- review the asset and make informed decisions on maintenance sitioning and endurance capabilities that combine to stimulate and management strategies. a step-change in subsea survey operations for commercial,

The BlueROV2, along with the Blue Robotics line of en- government, and naval users. The HUGIN SUPERIOR also abling components, offers versatility for companies looking comes with a 30% increase in energy capacity on board, with- to integrate their own systems. End users receive additional out changing form factor or size. The extra power available support from other Blue Robotics users, as noted by Abyss’s can also be used to maintain current levels of endurance while

Robotics Engineer Jordan Jolly in his praise of the online adding more sensors, increasing productive survey time and community: “a large group of users willing to help, give ad- contributing even more to reduced OPEX.

vice, and collaborate on modi? cations/interesting use-cases Building on the HUGIN technology platform, KONGS- for the ROV.” BERG’s latest AUV places data quality and its reliable and

Abyss Solutions inspections span a wide range of markets cost-effective collection front and center. It packages the very including Oil and Gas, Shipping, Water infrastructure, and latest technologies into one system delivering twice the survey

Military. They’ve completed a diverse mix of inspections, in- area, including the new HISAS 1032 Dual Receiver Synthetic cluding the Hoover Dam Lake Mead Intakes with LVVWD, Aperture Sonar (SAS) which generates approximately 1,000 mooring chains with EXXONMobil, and work with BAE meters swath at 2.5 knots for SAS imagery, real aperture and

Systems. We look forward to seeing where Abyss takes the SAS bathymetry, with consistent resolution over the entire

BlueROV2 next. swath (typically 5x5 cm in mission imagery). HUGIN SU-

PERIOR also features Kongsberg Maritime’s EM2040 mk II

Forum’s new eROV multibeam.

Forum Subsea Technologies’ recently launched XLe Spirit Con? gurable for diverse applications, a class-leading data

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