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Riptide set out to change the undersea

Introducing the Riptide vehicle market by combining best in

Family of Low-Logistics, class hydrodynamics, ultra low power

Man-Portable UUVs processing, and game changing new energy technology, while signifcantly reducing vehicle costs. To accomplish this, we introduced the small, yet i Micro-UUV highly-capable micro-UUV. 4.875” Diameter ~25 lbs 300m rated

And now, the

Family just got

BIGGER 1 Man-Portable UUV 7.5” Diameter ~65 lbs 300m rated 2MPtbl UUV 2 Man-Portable UUV 9.375” Diameter ~120 lbs 600m rated

Email: • Website:

Phone: +1 617-820-4586 • Address: 36 Cordage Park Circle, Suite 330, Plymouth MA, 02360

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