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Meet the SeaRaptor 6000m AUV ‘Dipping Sonar’

HELRAS Dipping Sonar

Tested on Seagull USV Teledyne Gavia

Teledyne Gavia will introduce its new 6000 meter rated AUV, SeaRaptor at Ocean Business in April. “In SeaRaptor, the Teledyne Marine team has intro-

Photo: Elbit Systems duced a high performance AUV capable of carrying the most advance marine sen- sors available in the market. We have already delivered our ? rst vehicle and see signi? cant opportunities for SeaRaptor,” said Thomas Altshuler, VP and Group

In a Sea Acceptance Test (SAT) per-

GM for the Teledyne Marine Vehicle group.

formed by the Israeli Navy, a Helicop- ter Long-Range Active Sonar (HEL- news/teledyne-gavia-searaptor-6000m-585582

RAS) dipping sonar was successfully converted for operation onboard the

SeagullTM, Elbit Systems’ Unmanned

DOE: $28M for Floating Offshore Wind

Surface Vessel (USV).

Operating a dipping sonar onboard a

USV signi? cantly increases the opera- tional working time and substantially enhances that detection capabilities and the effectiveness of Anti-Submarine

Warfare (ASW).

The Seagull autonomous multi- mission USV features switchable, modular mission payload suites and can perform, in addition to ASW, Mine

Countermeasure missions (MCM),

Electronic Warfare (EW), Maritime

Security (MS), Hydrography and other missions using the same vessel, © Richard Johnson/AdobeStock mission control system and data links.

The U.S. Department of Energy announced up to $28 million in funding for

Seagull offers navies a true force multi- a new Advanced Research Projects Agency-Energy (ARPA-E) program, Aerody- plier delivering enhanced performance namic Turbines, Lighter and A? oat, with Nautical Technologies and Integrated to naval operations, reducing risk to

Servo-control (ATLANTIS). ATLANTIS projects will develop new technologies human life and cutting procurement for ? oating, offshore wind turbines (FOWTs) using the discipline of control co- design (CCD).

and operating costs. news/available-? oating-offshore-585539 news/helras-dipping-sonar-on- board-585694 January/February 2019 8 MTR

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