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MacArtney LUXUS Dual 360º P/T

LUXUS Dual 360º P/T is a heavy-duty pan-and-tilt unit suitable for a wide range of actuation tasks and intended for many applications in subsea tooling.

It is a powerful addition to MacArtney’s LUXUS range of underwater cameras, lights, and media controllers. The LUXUS brand of MacArtney instrumentation represents cameras, lights, controllers, and accessories – together with the latest novelty now being launched: a slip-ring based pan-and-tilt unit. The LUXUS series serves the purpose of combining operational and service ? exibility, ex- cellent performance and reliability in the most severe subsea environments. The sturdy and modern design of the different LUXUS units and their versatile ? rst- rate speci? cations make them ideal for a multitude of demanding underwater tasks and uses. Being rugged and durable enough for virtually any environment,

LUXUS Dual 360º P/T is ideal for heavy-duty operations involving various tools and instruments like work class ROVs, rock dump ROVs, trenchers and ploughs as well as for surveillance operations. Being based on standard hous- ings, the LUXUS series allows for swapping e.g. lights and cameras in the ? eld in a fast and convenient manner.

The unique properties of the LUXUS Dual 360º P/T feature qualities like a high torque of 100 Nm and a payload of 100 kg. Besides, this LUXUS product is the ? rst pan-and-tilt unit to be featuring unlimited movements of both 360º pan and 360º tilt. This is made possible by means of the mounted slip rings enabling full-scale activation and thus facilitating operation at all angles. The

LUXUS Dual 360º P/T can be controlled via the LUXUS P&T Controller or directly by means of the software that comes with the unit, installed on a PC.

ROS L-300 LED Light

The new ROS L300 AC Flood or Spotlight features a new, full-range dimming technology as well as brilliant illumi- nation. The L300 offers 7500 lumens illumination and fea- tures full-range, ? icker-free dimming control, from zero to max. The compact 42 LED light array design is also new and offers brilliant spot or ? ood illumination and long op- erating life underwater. The L300 is depth rated to 6000m.

Connection options include side or rear mounting with mul- tiple connectors available.

Transparent Connector with LED

TE Connectivity (TE) Industrial & Commercial Transpor- tation, a leader in harsh environment connectivity, released the new DEUTSCH DT Detector connector. The Detector connector provides a visual con? rmation of power by pro- ducing a distinct glow, which helps with troubleshooting, especially in areas with dif? cult connector visibility and accessibility. The new 2 way plug features a transparent housing and a wedgelock with an integrated 12 or 24 volt

LED. The Detector connector is environmentally sealed and designed to withstand the demands of the construction, agri- cultural, trucking, marine, and mining industries.

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