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Part III

Teledyne Marine Acoustic Imaging Group

Kim Lehmann, President of the Teledyne Marine Acoustic Imaging Group and the Teledyne RESON Group, discusses with Marine Technology Reporter the driving trends in the subsea business and the impact on his speci? c group of companies. By Greg Trauthwein dvancing the business of working underwater is de- have Teledyne RESON, Teledyne BlueView, Teledyne Odom pendent on a number of interconnected technologies and the recently acquired Teledyne ATLAS Hydrographic,”

Athat must work together with ease and ef? ciency. Im- said Lehmann. “We do imagery and echosounding under- aging, or the ability to more clearly ‘see’ underwater, is one water,” looking and measuring with a sonar. “That’s the key area that has expanded leaps and bounds in quantity and quali- principle of what we do; and then we have many other smaller ty in recent years, driven by organizations such as the Teledyne niches in there, but when you look at our main deliverables,

Marine Acoustic Imaging Group. that’s what we do.”

The most recent addition to the group was ATLAS Hydro-

Meet the Group graphic, an acquisition that adds breadth to the entire product “Inside the Teledyne Marine Acoustic Imaging Group we line-up, as Lehmann explains.

Teledyne Marine Acoustic Imaging multibeam echsounder and sonar range overview

July/August 2015

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