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Underwater-mateable connectors have enabled under- water industries to build modular components for subsea use. In particular, these wet-mate technologies have allowed subsea systems to be assembled on the sea? oor.

This has allowed the user to maximize modular system size and weight within the constraints of their installation equipment whilst, once installed subsea, still able to con- nect these modules to use interconnected and distributed communication, control and monitoring systems. A major consideration in the selection of underwater-mateable connectors is the intended mode of operation of that prod- uct with reference to it’s speci? cation and hence cost.

Underwater-mateable connectors are used for joining up electrical or optical circuits underwater. They provide a termination of an underwater cable or oil-? lled hose, containing electrical conductors or optical ? bers or both.

This allows divers, Remotely Operated Vehicles (ROV’s),

Autonomous Underwater Vehicles (AUV’s) or automatic connection systems, to facilitate the connection of the two halves underwater. The impact of being able to do this has enabled signi? cant progress in the modulariza- tion of underwater systems in the oil and gas, defense and oceanographic industries, allowing the following: • Modular sub-systems to be installed underwater, one at a time, and then later interconnected together to distrib- ute power and communications, forming larger underwa- ter systems • Facilities to include ports for diagnostic maintenance

For more than 45 years since the company was estab- activities or for future expansion lished, the newly acquired TE SEACON Group have be- • Modular systems designed to suit the constraints of come a global manufacturer of a wide range of more than the installation equipment being used 2500 underwater electrical and ? ber optic connectors.

The HYDRALIGHT is a ? eld proven, second genera-

Offshore equipment must operate safely and reliably tion underwater mateable, high integrity, ? ber optic 24/7/365 under harsh conditions. Building on its exper- connector. This 8 channel, fully underwater mateable, tise in designing robust, reliable connector systems to oil ? lled pressure balanced and ? eld proven connector is meet the challenging and harsh environments of subsea fully quali? ed to 7,000m, with an average single mode environments, it works closely with both equipment insertion loss of less that .2dB and a average single mode designers and exploration/production companies to cre- back re? ection of -50 dB. With a design life of 30 years ate connectivity solutions to meet the speci? c demands and a life cycle of a minimum of 100 mate/de-mates, this of an application. Also, with over 45 years’ experience, connector meets the following speci? cations:

TE’s SEACON business has developed one of the widest • Norsk Hydro NHT-152-00073 Rev 04H ranges of underwater electrical and ? ber optic connec- • Statoil TR1233 tors available anywhere in the world. TE now offers a • Elf Exploration AO-32-2-011-LT-00-SN-005 Rev C complete connector system solutions for harsh offshore • Total GSEPSPS021 environments serving the global oil and gas industry.

• BP GP78-21

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