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CM Lab SimulationsCM Lab Simulations 645 Wellington, #301645 Wellington, #301

Montreal Quebec, Canada H3C 1T2 Montreal Quebec, Canada H3C 1T2

T: 514-287-1166 T: 514-287-1166

E: E:

W: W:

CEO/President: Robert Weldon CEO/President: Robert Weldon

No. of Employees: 135 No. of Employees: 135

Annual Sales: $7.5mAnnual Sales: $7.5m

CM Labs is the developer of Vortex, a simulation plat- tions are used every day to prepare operators for the form that simulates the dynamics of virtual cranes, equip- challenges offshore.

ment, ROVs, AUVs, vessels, robotics, cable systems, For EPIC projects, Vortex is used to virtually plan tethers, and sonar. Vortex is found under the hood of operations from the deck to the seabed—from lifting and many major maritime engineering and training applica- rigging to tooling systems and asset deployment. tions today. With Vortex, operations can be simulated, not just ani-

For more than 15 years, CM Labs has provided simula- mated. This provides engineers with a complete under- tion solutions and services to organizations around the standing of equipment layout, functionality and control. It world. Through simulation, it helps to augment skills and assures operational predictability, lower risk, and reduced reduce the risks of complex operations. With experience commissioning time. ranging from deep-sea to space projects, the CM Labs Operations modeling can be used to optimize existing team features experts with decades of experience and projects, as well as new projects at the FEED stage. This wide-ranging backgrounds in training, vehicle dynamics, includes the simulation of critical lifts, SURF installation, heavy equipment and robotics. material handling, deck layouts,

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