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SeaView Systems, Inc. Multi-Electronique 7275 Joy Road, Suite A 1, 8e avenue, Rimouski,

Dexter, MI 48130 Québec Canada G5L 2L9

T: 734-426-8978 T: +1-418-724-5835

E: E:

W: W:

CEO/President: Matthew Cook CEO: Jacques St-Pierre

No. of Employees: 7 No. of Employees: 12

Annual Sales: $1m Multi-Electronique (MTE) Inc. offers

Seaview Systems (SVS) has devel- a large, diversi? ed range of product for

Sea? oor Systems, Inc. oped a world-class tunnel inspection oceanographic community. The main 3941 Park Drive solution incorporating inertial naviga- devices are µAURAL, AURAL-M2,

El Dorado Hills, CA 95762 tion into an articulated ROV body. The and instrumental oceanographic buoys

T: +1-530-677-1019 system merges several new technolo- conceived and developed in collabora- gies engineered by SVS including a tion with Fisheries and Oceans CANA- www.sea? distributed control topology (ROVbus) DA. The AURAL devices are autono-

CEO/President: John Tamplin and an ultra-compact optical ? ber mul- mous underwater recording systems.

No. of Employees: 10 tiplexer system. It can numerically record underwater

Annual Sales: $3m

The ROV is capable of accessing sounds over a period up to a year with

Sea? oor Systems, Inc. provides a full tunnels through tight valves to inspect total autonomy. It is mainly used for the spectrum of hydrographic survey equip- and geo-locate the tunnels for distances listening of marine mammal’s noises, ment, software, personnel, training and in excess of 20,000 feet. SeaView but also for underwater noise pollution, support—specializing in the geo-

Systems was founded on experience methane bubbles and the Grand North physical sector—for survey companies in maritime electronics and Remotely ice cracking as examples. At the same worldwide. The company develops and

Operated Vehicles. Since beginning time, it records pressure and water manufactures the HydroLite portable operations in 2003, its has built an temperature. It is powered by Alkaline hydrographic survey system, HyDrone- extensive portfolio of more than 60 “D” cells and available in three lengths

RCV, and EchoBoat remote-controlled projects working in nine countries for short, medium and long deployment survey platforms for remote hydro- catering to various industries including (respectively 16, 64 and 128 batteries). graphic survey applications. Sea? oor hydro-electric; nuclear; salvage; oil &

Systems was formed in 1999 by veteran gas; municipalities (potable water and

U.S. Navy Hydrographer John Tamplin, processed sewerage); pulp mills; mines; and has built the largest rental pool of and military/police and science (NOAA multibeam echosounder equipment in and NASA).

the U.S. Sea? oor Systems provides custom hydrographic survey solutions, integrating multibeam echosounder sys- tems and state-of-the art position and orientation systems into a complete, turnkey product. Recent integrated solutions are: the EchoBoat, a remotely controlled multi-purpose vehicle capa- ble of carrying multiple sensors includ- ing a multibeam echosounder, side scan sonar, ADCP, singlebeam echosounder, and sound velocimeter. The HyDrone-

RCV, a hand-portable, remote control survey boat platform works in conjunc- tion with the HydroLite-TM portable echosounder kit to conduct bathymetric surveys in ponds, lakes, rivers, and streams. The HyDrone has been built with a wide pro? le to avoid tipping, and watertight construction.

Ph: (714) 546-3478 | |

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