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M R 100100

ADCP deployment (part of T-Tide Experiment) in the Southern Ocean just east of Tasmania.

Photo by John Mickett and Sonya Legg

Teledyne Marine Sensors

The Teledyne Marine Sensors group is comprised of the largest • Teledyne Oceanscience supplies the oceanographic, hy- number of Teledyne Marine companies. These organizations drologic and hydrographic communities with deployment plat- are committed to delivering highly innovative sensors and forms for environmental monitoring instrumentation. Major seismic solutions for a wide array of surface and subsea ap- products include turnkey remote hydrographic survey boat plications. The companies within this group offer a variety of systems with environmental monitoring and/or bathymetry highly innovative, ? eld proven sensors designed to collect crit- equipment; the new rapidCAST system that provides automat- ical data for academic, commercial and defense applications. ed, affordable and compact SV pro? ling from a moving vessel;

These solutions span a wide range of technologies from cam- remotely-operated and tethered instrumentation deployment era and LED lights for Remotely Operated Vehicles (ROVs) boats for echo sounders and ADCP’s; and the popular Sea Spi- to highly intricate precision navigation aiding systems, motion der and Barnacle sea? oor platforms. sensors, pipe and cable tracking, current pro? ling devices, and

CTD sensors. Each of these tools can be used as stand-alone • Teledyne RD Instruments pioneered the invention of the solutions or can be integrated into turnkey system solutions. Acoustic Doppler Current Pro? ler (ADCP) for current pro? l- ing and wave measurement applications, and has delivered over

The Teledyne companies providing sensor technologies in- 20,000 of these instruments worldwide for use in environments clude: ranging from shallow streams to the deepest ocean. Teledyne • Teledyne Bowtech specialises in the design and manufac- RDI is also the leading manufacturer of Doppler Velocity Logs ture of underwater vision systems including: video inspection (DVLs) for precision underwater navigation onboard subsea systems, underwater cameras, underwater LED lights, xenon and surface platforms. Rounding out the company’s product emergency relocation strobes, custom moulded cable assem- offerings is their family of Citadel CTD sensors, ideally suited blies, pan and tilts, electrical and ? bre-optic connectors, ? bre- for a variety of oceanographic applications. optic multiplexers and slip rings for use in hazardous areas or subsea. • Teledyne TSS Ltd is a world leader in the design, manu- facture and support of marine products for applications includ- • Teledyne CDL is the pioneer of the popular Tiny Optic ing navigation, motion compensation, platform stabilisation,

Gyro System (TOGS) a Fibre Optic Gyro based North seeking and subsea pipe and cable survey. The company has specialist compass for use on vessels and Remotely Operated Vehicles sales and support worldwide through a comprehensive net- (ROVs). Teledyne CDL also provides products that satisfy work of distributors and service providers. demanding user requirements for inertial positioning, sensor, telemetry and navigation requirements. In addition to its sensor technologies, Teledyne has also re- cently rounded out its product offerings for offshore seismic

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