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M R 100100 425 N. Martingale Road425 N. Martingale Road

Schaumburg, IL 60173 Schaumburg, IL 60173

T: 800-722-7866 T: 800-722-7866

E: E:

W: W:

CEO/President: Cary Wood CEO/President: Cary Wood

No. of Employees: 1500 No. of Employees: 1500

Annual Sales: $336mAnnual Sales: $336m

Sparton Corporation (NYSE:SPA), now in its 115th solutions for detecting, recording and responding to year, is a provider of complex and sophisticated a wide range of physical properties and conditions. electromechanical devices. Its capabilities span the The Rugged Electronics platform provides displays, product lifecycle, including: concept development, computers and related solutions for defense, industrial, industrial design, design and manufacturing engi- marine and other harsh environments.

neering, production, distribution, ? eld service, and Sparton USW Solutions has a design and manu- refurbishment. Primary markets served are Medical & facturing center in DeLeon Springs, Fla., which

Biotechnology, Military & Aerospace, and Industrial maintains a wide variety of technical skills in product & Commercial. Headquartered in Schaumburg, IL, design, engineering and manufacturing. The company

Sparton currently has 12 manufacturing locations and dubs itself an expert in communications between sen- six engineering design centers worldwide. sor packages, transmitters, receivers and beyond. Its

Sparton’s Engineered Components and Products primary products include passive and active undersea (ECP) Segment specializes in the rapid development motion and sound detection devices, air and undersea of COTS and custom solutions for use in rugged and deployment systems, and undersea-to-air deployment demanding environments. The ECP Segment has systems.

delivered over 6 million products to Navies and Mari- Sparton has designed and manufactured Sonobuoys time markets worldwide. Technologies are developed for Navies worldwide for over 60 years. Sonobuoys through a broad range of engineering disciplines, are integral to the detection, localizations, identi? ca- including: systems, electrical, RF, software, mechani- tion, and tracking of potential hostile submarines or cal and oceanographic. other targets of interest. Sonobuoys provide underwater

Within the ECP Segment there are three product plat- signaling, bathythermography, and active and passive forms. Undersea Warfare (USW) Solutions provides acoustic sensing. full service design and manufacture of engineered A sonobuoy is generally packaged in an ‘A-sized’

Sparton CorporationSparton Corporation solutions for the USW market. Precision Sensing & (4.75 inches by 36 inches) package, and is dropped by

Measurement develops high-accuracy products and a Maritime Patrol aircraft.

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