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InterMoor Inc.InterMoor Inc.

900 Threadneedle, Suite 300

Houston, Texas 77079

T: 832-399-5070

E: ?


CEO/President: Tom Fulton

No. of Employees: 270

InterMoor is a leading mooring, foundations and subsea largest stock of equipment in the world. services provider delivering innovative solutions for rig Contractors and operators worldwide know the bene? ts of moves, mooring services and offshore installation projects. It having one point of contact throughout the length of the supports operators and contractors worldwide with Engi- project.

neering, Fabrication, Shore Base, Survey & Positioning and InterMoor is known for its innovative approach of each proj-

Inspection services to provide customized solutions focused ect, from developing customized installation aids to adjust- on reducing cost, time and risk. ing the design to ? t speci? cations and optimize cost. Recent

For operators and contractors who require rig moves or who developments have included: need to anchor FPUs, MODUs, TADs, barges and other ? oat- • A new joint-venture in Nigeria ing structures, InterMoor mooring services are integrated • A new Port Acu base in Brazil solutions as they include the design, provision and installa- • Selected to work on the largest projects in the Gulf of tion of both temporary and permanent moorings. InterMoor Mexico including Heidelberg, GulfStar, Delta House and manage preset mooring campaigns in 10 countries with the Julia, to name a few.

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