New Switchable Magnet Launched as Tool for ROVs

Posted by Irina Tabakina

Norway’s Miko Marine AS has developed a powerful magnet to be used as a practical and versatile tool for ROV operators. Incorporating patented technology that increases its performance, the magnet has been designed so that it can be switched-on and off by an ROV manipulator and used for a wide range of applications underwater. The new magnet can be applied instantly to any steel structure where it is capable of holding weights up to 750 kg and it can significantly reduce the amount of time required for an ROV to undertake a task.
The Miko ROV Magnet functions completely mechanically without the need for cables or wires and permits gentle contact with painted surfaces on subsea structures or when used while working on fragile wrecks or other objects vulnerable to damage. It is compatible with all common types of manipulator claw (parallel, three-finger or four-finger) and is supplied with an interchangeable fixing bracket.

(As published in the MAY 2015 edition of Marine Technology Reporter -

Marine Technology Magazine, page 57,  May 2015

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