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Subsea Vehicle Report: Unmanned Underwater System

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Vehicle Notes Mariscope won an open tender published by the SMA and de-livered the vehicle during December of 2012. The unit has been equipped with a special dredging device, developed by the German company. It is an observa- tion class ROV, model FO II. In addi- tion to the ROV, SMA ordered three CTDs from Mariscope, which will be 75m type from Sea & Sun Technolo- gies. Mariscope and Sea & Sun have a strong cooperation over several years in the South American market. The aim of the SMA in the new equipment pro- curement is to start the control of har- vesting sites in Chile, mainly where the Aquaculture industry has been active for nearly 25 years. The ROV will be used to control sedimentation under the net cages, take sediment samples and control underwater waste disposals. Forum Energy Technolo- gies late last year signed a contract with Cummings Con-sulting, Inc. (Cummings) to supply a pair of complete Sub-Atlantic Mojave Remotely Operated Vehicle (ROV) sys- tems. Both of the Mojave ROVs will be equipped with job speciÞ c tooling sys- tems such as; electric winches, touch screen control monitors, Sub-can Con-trol Systems, sonar, color and mono- chrome cameras. Also included are two three function manipulators and Visu- alSoft data capture capabilities. The Mojave systems are capable of reaching depths of 30m, and will be deployed for assessment analysis immediately off the coast of Florida. ÒThe Mojave was the perfect observation vehicle for us because of its high thrust, low cost and easy deployment. Our relationship with Forum played an important role in our purchase as well. VideoRay recently complet-ed Pro 4 Underwater Remotely Oper- ated Vehicle (ROV) training for the Irish Navy. VideoRayÕs UK Dealer At- lantas Marine is delivered a VideoRay Military Pro 4 ROV System to the Irish Navy, accompanied by on-site system training for eight ROV Pilots at the na- val base in Cork, Ireland. The VideoRay military ROV conÞ guration is delivered with a rugged hand controller, high- bright daylight viewable monitor, ma- nipulator, and a shiphull crawler attach- ment which is the ideal tool for efÞ cient hull inspections. This ROV system is a tool for general underwater inspection and recovery tasks where rapid deploy- ment is important. This sale follows the delivery of three VideoRay Pro 4 ROV systems to the UK Navy which played an important role in the 2012 Olympic Games security operations.OceanServer Technology continues to deliver AUV based acoustic imaging with the qualiÞ -cation and release of the new EdgeTech 2205 high resolution side scan sonar. The 2205, designed speciÞ cally for use on AUVs, represents EdgeTechÕs lat- est generation of electronics, transduc-ers and software speciÞ cally optimized for the demanding size and power constraints present in a small platform footprint. The 2205 is available with EdgeTechÕs unique Dynamic Focusing (DF) and Multi-Pulse (MP) technolo-gies, and includes its new Powered Ar- rays designed to provide longer range performance along with advances in noise immunity. The addition of Ed- geTechÕs 2205 side scan sonar provides a nice performance choice for Iver2 AUV users looking for high resolution acoustic imaging in littoral waters. The Iver2 AUV equipped with an EdgeTech 2205 offers an innovative approach to survey operations. It can maintain constant depths with minimal turnaround times to ensure complete area coverage and to maximize the im- age quality for any sonar data set. Re- cently an Iver2 AUV with the integrated EdgeTech 2205 side scan sonar suc- cessfully conducted surveys in coastal areas in Florida, Massachusetts and Rhode Island. January/February 2013 MTR #1 (18-33).indd 30MTR #1 (18-33).indd 302/1/2013 11:28:02 AM2/1/2013 11:28:02 AM

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