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WATER USAGE ing waste, less water is used than with

Klaus Reichardt is CEO and founder of Waterless Co, Inc, Vista, gravity systems.

Calif. Reichardt founded the company in 1991 with the goal of

However, if a vacuum system mal- establishing a new market segment in the plumbing ? xture industry functions, mechanical and mainte- with water ef? ciency in mind. Reichardt is a frequent writer and nance problems can occur. Further, presenter, discussing water conservation issues.

gravity systems powered by salt wa- ter may need to be hydro blasted to remove rust and encrustation stains, which can be costly. So, for both sys- tems, if less water can be used, the bene? ts are manifold.

No-water or waterless urinals should also be considered. These uri- nals provide the following savings: • No water is need for the urinal to operate, which can reduce installation costs.

• On land, these urinals can save up to 35,000 gallons of water per urinal per year • Drain line encrustations are reduced and therefore maintenance costs.

• Less water use also means a more hygienic environment; bacteria and many pathogens require moisture in order to develop and grow

Bene? ts?

Hopefully, we have made the case for conducting a water audit for smaller vessels. The key bene? ts, along with wa- ter savings, are cost savings. With thin pro? t margins for some carriers, this can prove to be an essential factor and reason for conducting a water audit.

However, we cannot overlook the sustainability movement happening around the world. Just like every other industry, the shipping industry, even small ships, are going to be expected to do their part. Conducting a water audit and eliminating water waste will help accomplish this.

*This is a ballpark estimate. More than 260,000 gallons of water are used per day on a typical pas- senger cruise ship 41 MN

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