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Captain Michael Burns, Direc- courses must be taught by GWO-cer- that the school hopes to train as tor of MMA’s Center for Maritime ti? ed training providers. many as 250 wind professionals an- and Professional Training, explained, At Mass. Maritime, the maximum nually. The entire basic safety pro- “That’s an aluminum structure that class size will be 12, and Burns says gram will span six days, involving sits out on the end of the pier – it’s bolted to the pier – and it simulates the transition piece of an offshore wind turbine. In other words, there are heavy fender rails that the boat will push up against and then a re- cessed ladder that leads up to a plat- form about eight feet above the deck of the ? oat. Students will practice and learn how to safely transfer to and from the vessel.”

That part of the course involves “Sea Survival,” and it’s just one of ? ve modules that make up basic safety training for the offshore wind indus- try. The Global Wind Organization (GWO) is the international organiza- tion that developed this curriculum.

Many offshore wind companies now mandate use of training standards de- veloped by GWO, which a non-pro? t founded by wind turbine manufac- turers and operators. GWO training 37 MN

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