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Vessel Inspections: Vessel Inspections:

It’s All About SafetyIt’s All About Safety

U.S. Coast Guard photo by Marine Safety Unit Lake Charles

By Barry Parker ith the announcements that New York Waterway, By mid-December, most of the vessels have returned to a ferry operator running 32 boats around New service (only ? ve remained out of service as of this writ-

W York and New Jersey waters, had been largely shut ing). But, the Captain of the Port, Capt. Jason Tama, in down by the U.S. Coast Guard just prior to Thanksgiving, a statement, noted, “In order to ensure continued com- 2019, the reactions ranged from surprise to outright shock. pliance with safety standards, the Coast Guard will be

There was also a great deal of grumbling, as commuters, the inde? nitely increasing inspections across the entire New major customer group, endured delays on New York Water- York Waterway ? eet...We will continue to work with New way’s extensive network across the Hudson River, bringing York Waterway to ensure sustained compliance with Coast

New Jersey commuters into New York’s business districts. Guard safety requirements. As part of this effort, we will be

So, what happened? “Coast Guard Sector New York ma- increasing both scheduled and unannounced inspections rine inspectors determined the 23 ferries had damage or dis- of their ? eet moving forward.” crepancies signi? cant enough to warrant suspension of ser- “Proactive enforcement”, a term borrowed from the vice,” according to a statement from the U.S. Coast Guard worlds of police and keeping situations under control, (USCG). “Findings included inoperable ? xed ? re extin- can certainly be applied here. Indeed, the phrase found its guishing systems and bilge alarms, expired lifesaving equip- way into remarks delivered by Tom Allegretti, the outgo- ment and structural damage affecting watertight integrity.” ing President and Chief Executive Of? cer of the American

Left image: Cmdr. Daniel Cost, commanding of? cer of Marine Safety Unit Lake Charles, issues the area’s ? rst certi? cate of inspection for the new Subchapter M towing vessel regulations to the Devall family of Devall Towing and Boat Services on August 15, 2018 at Devall Fleeting

Area in West Calcasieu Port in Sulphur, La.

Right image: Towing vessel Bridgett McAllister sits moored at the McAllister Towing Facility in Baltimore, Feb 4, 2019. All towing vessels over 26 feet in length are now required to be inspected by the Coast Guard — The Bridgett McAllister is the ? rst vessel in Sector Maryland-National

Capital Region’s history to receive a Subchapter M towing vessel Certi? cate of Inspection.

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