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INSIGHTS vessels, including large containerships. There is very good mains and exclusive club mainly for large deep-sea vessel information in that Sandia study. operators. If any of your readers interested in a more inclu- sive CCF and building a stronger U.S. Merchant Marine,

The U.S. Department of Transportation insists that it please have them contact me.

focuses on rebuilding, repairing and revitalizing our transportation infrastructure. Yet, there are many This year, the U.S. EPA proposed to delay implemen-

U.S. ? ag operators – speci? cally those in the pas- tation of Tier 4 marine diesel engines “in certain senger vessel game – at an enormous disadvantage high-speed commercial vessels.” What are your im- because today’s interpretation of the MARAD Capital mediate thoughts on this proposal?

Construction Program (CCF) excludes these opera-

If you are a global engine manufacturer, why would tors from all the bene? ts of this well-intentioned pro- your company decide to make/modify engines to meet gram. Why is this happening?

Let’s be truthful: the CCF is an exclusive club mainly tier 4 engine requirements as needed by CARB? Actually, it is probably less expensive for engine manufacturers to intended for large deep-sea vessel operators and, of course, drag their feet and spend lobbying dollars for one state others who have the lobbying dollars to control the de- cision makers. MARAD’s website insists, “… we work and delay the implementation of the rules. Again, are we back to touting simply ‘cleaner solutions’ to keep the hard to maintain the overall health of the U.S. Merchant public happy, or should we proceed with a zero pollution

Marine.” If that is true, then why does MARAD not sup- goal? EPA’s latest proposal therefore casts doubt whether port all U.S. ? ag vessels in utilizing the CCF? H. Clayton federal decision makers honestly care about pollution or

Cook (a recognized and well known CCF expert) and I are merely providing lip service.

are willing to meet with MARAD (again) at any time to shift the CCF from an ‘exclusive club’ to a CCF open to

Supposedly, and for boat-builders, Tier 4 engine size all U.S. ? ag operators. Industry knows that this will create and weight present challenges. Do these challenges new shipyard jobs, add more U.S. ? ag vessels and build warrant further delay? Do these challenges impact a stronger merchant marine. Sadly, RWF does not have your ? rm’s operations?

any lobbying dollars to pressure MARAD, so the CCF re- It is the job of boat-builders and naval architects to “? g-

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