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Propulsion Technology

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The ABC’s of EAL’s

Navigating the new normal for marine lubricants ith a new global push for environmentally changeover to EAL’s? The list of questions is endless, and it considerate lubricants or, as the Environ- can be overwhelming.

W mental Protection Agency (EPA) states, En- Partnering with a lubrication provider can help guide vironmentally Acceptable Lubricants (EAL), end users the end user through all of these concerns. For example, face tough questions. These include: What lubricant is Panolin has a full line of GREENMARINE lubricants and correct for each application? Does the lubricant comply an application guide to help. The vessel lubricants that are with current regulations? What EAL base oil is best for my covered in the application guide are HLP SYNTH hydrau- equipment and will the system perform at its peak? Is the lic

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