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Propulsion Technology

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Mechanical, by Design

The fully mechanical 6AYAM-ET is additionally touted by Yanmar as the next workhorse on United States wa- terways for years to come. That’s because many of the existing pushboats in the US waterways have older 750 or 950 mhp me- chanical engines. The 6AYA is arguably the perfect mechanical replacement for the 750 mhp range engines because no other competitor has a 750 mhp me- chanical engine – the rest are all design and an internal exhaust gas recirculation system electrical. And many owners and crews – E Squared among that doesn’t require any external control devices.

Yanmar hopes to fully penetrate the North American them – dislike electronic engines because of the specialized market for tugs, trawlers, pushboats and other similar knowledge and repair costs associated with them.

On the Yanmar 6AYAM-ET, the control system is simple workboats with the engine. Today, this EPA Compliant and easy to use (unlike electronic remote control systems),

Tier III Commercial Engine produces environmental sav- ings that include reduced NOx, particulate matter (PM) and in many cases, the previous control system can be used and Total Hydrocarbon (THC) emissions. Its lower fuel when the engine is replaced. Yanmar says that this trans- lates into lower maintenance costs and easier troubleshoot- consumption also creates less CO2.

ing and repair. The need for a mechanic or engineer with

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